Wednesday, January 11th

At CL’s for hot chocolate and doughnuts, Nick tells Faith that the new nanny will free them up for Dad/Daughter time. Nick’s sorry he’s been preoccupied. That’s OK – Mom’s been preoccupied too. Nick barely gets a chance to react when Sharon arrives. Running over, Faith asks for news of Dylan.

In ‘Derek’s’ room, Alex makes a beeline to the bar and whips a couple of mini bottles across the room. Catching them, it’s obvious neither’s as drunk as they seemed downstairs. But we can fix that. Dylan plays off his nervousness and responds to Alex’s kiss.

Arriving at Underground, Lauren and Phyllis are trying to figure out why Hawkins went from eager silent partner to questioning her management abilities and wanting more involvement. Lauren wishes she knew that caused the sudden shift in Hawkins.

Lunching at the club, Mike lists its amenities – why not extend your stay? Gloria found the sauna particularly invigorating but she’s ready to go ‘home’. She’s not surprised to hear that Lauren’s meeting didn’t go well. Silent partners never stay silent – unless you kill em. On cue, Jack asks to join them.

Tugging at one another’s clothes and flipping around on the bed, Alex suddenly jumps up for some ‘rocket fuel’ (a baggie of white powder that will take this party to heaven) Derek wears his patented Dumb Dylan look.

NO, Sharon’s NOT ‘intruding’ on Nick and Faith (who all but force her to stay for hot chocolate at CL’s) Nick grows concerned as Faith blabs about Dylan leaving his wedding ring and going on a secret mission. He’s just away at work, Sharon downplays – there’s nothing to worry about.

Do you speak Swedish? Ravi asks when Ashley finds him trying to assemble a standing desk in his office. Maintenance will do this – Ashley wants him to focus on coding. Step away from the drill. As she trounces out Ravi drools from his doorway.

Lauren and Phyllis wonder why Hawkman’s late. Lauren feels like she’s being sabotaged. Maybe he’s not the right investor (same as Jack) Phyllis reminds Lauren that SHE’S in charge. Lauren will – if he ever gets here.