Tuesday, January 10th

Kevin interrupts the Williams with an urgent update – the meeting with Fisk’s #2 is going down tonight. Paul orders Kevin to get any info he can on this guy; what colour socks he’s wearing. It’s Miami – he might not be wearing socks, Kevin quips. Sharon then barges in demanding to speak to her husband – right now.

In his hotel room, Dylan transforms himself into Derek Young by way of sunglasses – then answers a call; this is Derek, start talkin’.

Coming home, Victor needs Nikki’s help getting his coat off. Seems he’s re-injured his shoulder (which Nikki starts massaging)

Faith orders pancakes with extra chocolate chips for breakfast. Nick’s pleased to have more time with Faith and promises not to put her in the middle anymore. As they make plans for after school, Nick has to run up to tend to a crying Christian (leaving Faith to look sad)

In Paul’s office, Sharon nags the Williams – she needs to hear Dylan’s voice; to know that he’s OK. She’s further frustrated to realize that Kevin’s in the loop. You trust him over Dylan’s wife?! Reminded that Kevin works for the police and that she already blabbed to Nikki about Dylan’s assignment, Sharon’s astounded that Nikki has such a big mouth. Asking Chris and Kevin to leave, Paul tells his daughter in law that he can’t (not ‘won’t’) help her.

Dylan’s on the phone – yes, he’s angry that his meeting’s been moved to the bar. Fine – have Scotch waiting for me – top shelf, he barks into the phone.

Finding Faith eating cereal, Nick wonders why she doesn’t want pancakes. She’s trying to make things easier for her Dad. We’ll build that snow fort later, Nick assures. Faith’s smile fades as Nick goes to change a stinky Christian – again.

At the ranch, Nikki fusses over Victor. She knows he’s still looking for something to invest himself in and is sure he’ll find what he’s searching for. Now Nikki’s off to do a search of her own (which leaves Victor puzzled)

Nick’s feeding Christian as he’s on the phone with a daycare agency. I’ll have to call you back – I’ve been assaulted by yogurt, Nick ends the call and chides Christian – really man?? Lucky you’re cute, he cleans himself up. On cue, Nikki arrives to lend an extra hand. Come on in ladies. Two young women appear.

At the office, Abby reminds Victor that he has a big meeting today. Dressed casually in his leather jacket, Victor’s decided (after Adam’s death and it being the new year) to spend more time with his family. What is Abby’s passion? Well, Dad, I’m way ahead of you, she grins.

Sharon doesn’t see the harm in one quick call to Dylan. Give me something; some sliver of hope! Paul can’t – the less you know the better. Marching out, Sharon warns Paul – if anything happens to Dylan, it’s on YOU.