Thursday, January 12th

Hilary awakens at 8 am to find Devon staring at her from his hospital bed. Never mind that Devon can’t remember anything before the benefit – Hilary’s just glad he’s healing. There’s something you need to know – I won’t ever leave your side ~hug~

Neil and Lily look in through the window at the cuddling couple. Lily understands that they can’t tell Devon the truth until he can handle it. Grin and bear it, Neil concludes.

Arriving at the club, a reporter asks Jack if it’s true that Devon was drinking at the benefit, the night he wrecked his car. Why would an event thrown to raise money for people with addictions serve alcohol? No comment, Jack says firmly as the reporter videos him marching off.

The cops said Devon was going over 100 when he hit the ice, Cane updates Jill (in BnS’s conference room) He was enraged. Jill claims that if ever a couple shouldn’t be together, it’s Devon and Hilary.

In BnS’s outer office, Vikki wonders why Reed’s calling Billy’s cell – then answers it. Reed wants to talk to Billy and when Vikki hands over the phone, asks for help with a school essay. Billy suggests Reed drop by the office. Vikki’s fine with it – and Billy joining them for dinner the other night. Reed needs a man to talk to – but you’ll never be his Father, she comments.

For me? You shouldn’t have, Ben jokes. Abby’s brought flowers for Devon. Both had a weird New Years. The awkward small talk ends with. Good to see you. You too.

Devon’s eager to get home but Lily and Neil think he should wait. Hilary plans to hire nurses and whatever else Devon needs. Oh how lucky Devon is to have such a devoted wife. No, Hilary’s the lucky one – and Lily’s not to worry – Devon will get excellent care.

With Cane, Jill feels that Billy and Vikki should be together – Devon should have gotten rid of Hilary a long time ago. She’s after his money and Jill laments that Devon hasn’t learned his lesson yet.

Vikki knows that Billy cares about Reed but worries about him getting too involved. Reed will go back to living with JT when he comes back from Europe. Vikki wants Billy to act like a grown up (and to let her know what Reed’s up to) Billy won’t spy and resents being told how to parent – does Vikki have a problem with how he parents Johnny and Katie?

Ben will let Devon go home as long as he hires a nurse and occupational therapist. Hilary guarantees Devon will get the best care possible. When Lily and Neil express concern, Ben entrusts Devon’s care to Hilary. After Neil leaves, Ben instructs that Devon must have no stress and not push himself to regain his memory. Hilary promises that if Devon gets upset, it won’t be because of her. Lily bites her lip.