Tuesday, January 24th

Billy told you everything you needed to know about sex!? Here’s all you need to know – you’re too young, Vikki snaps. And Billy should keep his mouth shut – you’ve said more than enough. It’s MY turn.

At Top of the Tower, Lauren’s on her phone ranting about Gloria (now it all makes sense – she sabotaged the deals with Craig and Hawkman so Fenmores would have to accept Jack’s offer) Hanging up and spotting Gloria, Lauren summons her over for a glass of wine. What are we drinking to? Your speciality; back stabbing, Lauren wipes the smile off Glo’s face.

Jack finds Phyllis sitting behind his desk. I can’t live without you, she purrs. What?! I can’t live without you getting what you deserve for sabotaging Lauren’s deals, she clarifies for a stupefied Jack.

Mariah brought Sharon to the club for dinner because she’s doing too much worrying and not enough eating. If Dylan’s suffering because of something I did, I’d never be able to forgive myself, Sharon worries in front of a full plate.

Kevin updates Chris that Fisk’s been captured – hopefully, Dylan’s laying low – but why hasn’t he called so Sharon can know he’s safe?

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Paul’s at the Miami crime scene. Blood splattering but no trail or bodies; doesn’t make sense. Get the samples to forensics – I must know what happened to my son!! Paul sends the minion scurrying off.

Gloria is NOT conspiring with Jack while sleeping under Lauren’s roof – she loves Lauren and Jack wants to save Fenmores. Lauren’s not buying it – your plan worked. YOU are a master manipulator.

Phyllis doubts Lauren will sign now that she knows Jack’s been scheming with Gloria. Jack scoffs at Phyllis clutching her pearls. This is right out of YOUR playbook. You had Gloria go after two investors, Phyllis accuses. I did, Jack admits to enjoying every second of it. This is Lauren’s family legacy, Phyllis points out. Yes, and when Fenmores is back in the black, Lauren will thank me. As for being ‘trustworthy’ – you slept with my brother *zing*

Vikki wants Billy to go – Reed wants him to stay; you’ve always been there for me. I’ll be around for you, Billy promises. Help me NOW, Reed implores. OK, Billy will stay.