Tuesday, January 24th

Chris steps into Paul’s office to take his call – any news? Paul worries that there’s no sign of Dylan, No, he won’t cross the line in questioning Fisk (and risk blowing her case) Paul has a job for Chris. You want me to tell Sharon her husband might be dead? she pales.

Chris tells Paul not to give up hope – be proud of Dylan – he got evidence on Fisk. Paul IS proud of his son – and wants to find him. On cue, Fisk is lead in. Paul says the only way he can reduce his years in prison is to tell him where his … officer is.

Back at Top of The Tower, Gloria claims that she and Lauren are both on the same team – the Fenmores team. Lauren has other options; which Gloria can read about in the business section like everyone else. Glo looks disappointed.

Phyllis blasts Jack – if he were trying to help Fenmores he wouldn’t have sabotaged the other investors. Jack tells Phyllis to stop being a hypocrite – he WILL save Fenmore’s.

Billy hovers as Vikki and Reed bicker. Billy gave me detailed advice, Reed throws Billy further under the bus. Reed’s sent upstairs so that Vikki and Billy can hash it out. We promised to respect Reed’s privacy unless it was illegal or dangerous, he reminds. Sex at 15 IS dangerous! Vikki insists.

Reed’s not even close to having sex, Billy says (both now calmer over tea) When did Vikki become such a prude? Billy hopes Reed waits – but at least he’s using protection. Vikki talks about self-esteem issues – she made a mistake having sex before she was ready. Vikki does NOT appreciate Billy’s cavalier attitude – and now thinks him a risk to Johnny and Katie (when they have questions in a few years)

Mariah fails to distract a mopey Sharon (who loves her for trying) You WILL hear Dylan’s voice again – he always comes home. Chris then joins them to update that they haven’t heard from Dylan – she no reason to believe he’s dead. But you have no reason to believe he’s OK, Sharon says near tears.

The reduced sentence offer expires in 3 minutes, Paul demands to know where his …. officer is. Fisk never saw him. I can’t help you. Left alone with Fisk, Paul reaches for his gun – I suggest you start talking or you won’t even make it to court.

Where’s Derek? He was good, Fisk didn’t know he was a cop until he was read his rights. Maybe one of my associates spotted and exterminated the rat. Paul drags him over to blood splattering on the floor – but gets nowhere.

Dylan sent us the evidence to make the arrest, Chris updates – we haven’t heard from him since. So, he’s missing, Sharon whimpers – and doesn’t feel any better hearing that Paul’s flown off to Miami. Chris admits they’d all feel better if they heard from Dylan. Sharon runs off in tears.

Lauren is furious, Glo updates Jack (Phyllis too, he confides) Jack doubts Lauren was telling the truth when saying she has other options. We have her right where we want her.

Phyllis and Lauren compare notes at Top of the Tower. Lauren has a new investor but won’t jinx it by saying who it is. Good, Jack would be the worst thing that could happen to Fenmores – how can I help? Phyllis asks.

Billy relays what he told Reed (mostly good advice) Vikki could have walked in on far worse. Billy doesn’t think this should turn into a referendum on whether HE’S a good parent. Vikki SO glad Billy doesn’t still live here – Reed would be drinking and gambling. Get out – let me handle my son. OK – and when you need help with Reed, don’t come to me, Billy slams out. Reed appears at the top of the stairs – sorry I’m such a problem.

Billy and I lost our tempers and said things we shouldn’t have, Vikki explains. Reed doesn’t want Billy to be blamed (Johnny and Katie need him around) He just invited a friend over – we barely know each other – we weren’t going to have sex. Vikki doesn’t think Reed mature enough to watch his siblings – and he should come to HER with any questions. Reed again asks his Mom to forgive Billy.