Wednesday, January 25th

Reed!!! Vikki calls upstairs – then lets Nikki in to boast about being selected to chair the Better Days fundraiser. Perhaps Vikki can help come up with some ideas. Now’s not a good time – do you think I’m a cold person? Vikki blurts out.

On the phone with Paul, Chris thinks there must be some explanation for Dylan not being found – he’s strong and wouldn’t have given up – and neither should you.

Meanwhile, Dylan’s home – silently hugging Sharon.

At the club, Lily blathers on to Neil about her new job as Brash N Sassy’s ambassador – I’ll be going all over the country, the world. There is one small problem.

At Brash n Sassy, Cane blasts Billy. He’s not the kind of guy to hold Lily back but he doesn’t appreciate being blindsided.

Nikki’s not surprised that Vikki caught Reed kissing a girl (she raised teenagers after all) You think I’m overreacting, Vikki concludes – then admits that she’s bothered that Reed thinks Billy’s a saint; and I’m the bad guy.

Paul barks orders to a Miami cop (who obediently runs off) He then calls Chris again to say that he’s coming home. Thanks, but HE must be the one to tell Sharon and Nikki. Be careful, Chris reminds that Fisk’s people are still out there.

It’s important no one can see us, Dylan’s drawn all the curtains. Oh, how he missed Sharon (who could get used to his facial hair) Sharon knows she’s being selfish but doesn’t want him to call everyone who’s worried about him. She’s then alarmed to see that Dylan has a wound beneath bloodied gauze on his abdomen.

Dylan can’t go to the hospital – it’s not necessary. No! Don’t call Stitch – and don’t look at me like that, he wants Sharon back in his arms ~kiss~ Sharon wants to hear everything that happened to him. Hungry? Thirsty? Dylan’s only interested in Mrs McAvoy. No, she can’t call Faith and Mariah; no one can know he’s back.

Seated in the dining room with her Dad, Lily’s sorry she has to tell Devon that she’s quitting her job. Cane? He’s happy about it – we celebrated earlier. Good, Neil’s ‘relieved’ – he gives her a kiss and exits.