Thursday, January 26th

Jack’s on the phone – yes, 49% – handle the revisions asap. Ashley taunts Jack for thinking Lauren was bluffing about having an investor. This was always about your ego.

Back at Top of the Tower, Lauren thanks Eric for his great performance. He would have made the deal – call me if Jack gives you any trouble, they clink glasses. Eric then gets a text – there’s a car waiting to take him to his jet. Lauren thanks him for saving her family business. The look on her face is thanks enough for Eric. Bye honey.

Kevin and Paul go wait in the car – leaving Dylan to tell Sharon that she’s not coming with him. He’s going into the witness protection program. No – there must be another way! Sharon’s horrified. Nope – Dylan hoped so too, but there’s not. Dylan McAvoy can no longer exist. This is the last time I’m going to see you isn’t it? Sharon realizes ~hug~

I’m never going to see his beautiful eyes, hear his voice, Nikki weeps in Victor’s arms – how will I ever get over this? Victor knows what it’s like to have a son disappear. You’ll pick yourself up like Dylan would want.

Sharon makes one last ditch effort to stop Dylan from leaving. It wasn’t supposed to be this way, he blames himself – I knew the risk. I screwed up. We were building a future together. Forgive me. Of course Sharon will (after all he’s forgiven her for) Everybody leaves me, Sharon sniffles – you were the one person I could count on. You were the only one to support me. You’re everything to me, Dylan will remember Sharon until the day he dies. Always, Sharon echoes – then puts Dylan’s wedding ring on his finger. With one last kiss and some flashbacks to happier times, Dylan leaves for good – finally.

Next: You want me to say I’m the reason he left, Sharon reiterates. Are you sure there isn’t some other way? Nikki asks Paul … It’s not about Fenmores? Ashley jokes – is it about Phyllis? In a word, yes, Jack answers …. Nick’s onstage welcoming his guests for what looks like open mic night – everyone ready for some fun? The crowd applauds.