Friday, January 27th

At the office, Jack’s anxious to close the Fenmore deal before Lauren pulls any more surprises (bringing Eric in was ‘dirty’) And eliminating Lauren’s other potential investors wasn’t? Ashley has to wonder if this has anything to do with Phyllis. Yes, Jack admits – it does.

Over drinks at the club, Lauren updates Phyllis on Jack’s reaction when Eric walked into his office. Barely able to contain their laughter, they then summon Gloria over (she should hear the good news from them)

At Underground, Noah schools his Dad on the trending EDM artist he’s got coming in tonight – this is a big booking. He then worries about Sharon – because she’s worried about Dylan.

Dylan? Sharon bleats as she runs to answer her front door. It’s a ‘grieving’ Nikki, there to see how Sharon’s doing. My husband just ripped my heart out – don’t you dare say you’re sorry about it! Sharon snarls. You finally got what you always wanted – me out of your son’s life forever!

Now drinking a glass of wine, a calmer Sharon confides in Nikki – she never knew this was a possibility. It’s selfish and wrong – but it’d be easier if Dylan were killed in the line of duty. Then, Sharon would have closure at least.

Noah declares Dylan indestructible. Yeah, Nick thinks him a stand-up guy – he’ll try to make amends to Dylan when he comes home.

Jack explains his motivation; Fenmores was taking it’s last gasps when Lauren hired Phyllis; who created a new app and went after our tech guru, Ravi. There’s great potential in having them work together. Ashley still thinks Jack’s real goal is to ‘play footsie’ with Phyllis.

Fresh fruity drinks served to the three ladies, Lauren and Phyllis string Gloria along. Hearing that Jack is now part owner of Fenmores, Gloria hopes Lauren and Phyllis will keep their jobs. Perhaps you could put in a good word? Phyllis asks. Gloria can’t promise anything – you better have a backup plan. Oh, Lauren does – she’s still the majority shareholder in Fenmores. Gloria looks astonished as Lauren and Phyllis clink her glass.

An excited Ravi bursts into Jack’s office looking for Ashley – the JabotGo app now shows customers virtual, instant results from their skin care products. Getting an urgent call from Gloria, Jack leaves Ashley to update Ravi that he might end up working with Phyllis after all. Ordering Chinese food online, Ashley lays it on thick; Mmm juicy dumplings, succulent chicken, do you like it hot? Yes, Ravi gulps. I knew you were easy, Ashley smiles.

The EDM event well under way at Underground, Lauren leaves Phyllis at the bar to greet Mike (who already knows the good news – Jabot’s lawyers called, desperate to lock in the deal)