Thursday, January 26th

In Jack’s office, Ashley wonders why he’s had legal draw up a merger contract with Fenmores; doesn’t Lauren have another investor? Naw, she’s just trying to broker a better deal. Jack won’t ‘shred the contract and move on’ – he fights for what he wants.

Lauren greets Eric Forrester at Top of the Tower. Both look ‘fantastic’ and Eric’s favourite wine is already on ice. To dear friends and fond memories, they clink glasses. Lauren thanks Eric for flying out. He wonders what took her so long to call him.

Your life is here; Faith needs her Mother, Dylan points out. She’s fine with her grandparents – and Mariah and Noah are grown up. Sharon insists on going with her husband. Paul comes banging on the door and is incredibly relieved when Dylan opens the door ~hug~

Jack thinks Fenmores a wonderful addition for the price he’ll get it. Lauren wants a silent partner, Ashley reminds. She’ll see reason, Jack’s sure – it’s a good fit. Ashley wants Jack to focus on JabotGo. Nope – Jack’s determined; Lauren won’t be able to turn his deal down.

Lauren updates Eric on the kids and congratulates him on his marriage. The kids think I’m being manipulated by Quin. He laments her breaking things off and toasts to ‘what might have been’. Jack’s text interrupts. It’s the moment of truth. Eric can handle it.

Nikki comes home to update Victor that Reed and Vikki are butting heads. Victor loves his family being close; it’s wonderful having Faith here – and he’s able to keep up with work from home. Nikki knows he’s looking for ‘the next big thing’. Whatever it is, Victor won’t let it take him away from his wife and family ~kiss~

Kevin’s making arrangements – Dylan must leave tonight, Paul informs. Sharon’s sent to get Nikki (who Dylan wants to see before he goes) Now alone, Dylan tells Paul how he was shot (and shot a thug) while escaping. Paul has no idea where Alex went. Dylan knows he has to go off the grid but hopes he can come home some day.

There’s consequences to cutting the head off a snake – Fisk’s people won’t stop looking for you, Paul can only protect Dylan by putting him in the witness protection program. Sharon was a Newman, a model – she’d have to drastically alter her appearance to go with Dylan (and never speak to her children again) Dylan can’t ask that of her. No, he’s not to contact any of them again – Dylan McAvoy’s dead.

Sharon barges into the ranch – Dylan needs to see you right away, she tells Nikki.