Monday, January 30th

Jack awakens with a splitting headache – which gets no better when he finds an earring in bed. Oh dear God! Gloria’s equally horrified to find herself naked beside her former stepson.

Bare-chested, Mike’s all over his utterly resistible wife – who has coffee ready and reminds that they both have meetings to get too.

Collin finds Jill at the GCAC – he couldn’t stay away. I missed you ~kiss~

The banner changes with every 5 unique hits, Billy explains to Vikki. It’s important to keep people excited. Vikki wastes little time bringing up Reed. Him kissing that girl on her couch IS a big deal. He accused me of being stone cold, she whines.

The Ashby’s are glad to see Devon up and around at GC Buzz. Yes, they have news – which THEY think is good news.

Lily and Cane update Devon that Lily’s the Ambassador for Jabot’s men’s line. She can’t manage the club. Of course, Devon understands and is happy for his sister. He’ll find a replacement. So, the launch is Valentine’s Day, Devon remembers it’s their anniversary too.

Jill’s been very busy with Brash n Sassy – Lily’s modelling (which Cane might have trouble adjusting to) Collin will talk to his son. Jill’s irritated when Collin gets a text and leaves.

Mike continues to maul Lauren until she gives in (Jack will have to wait)

Gloria cackles as Jack dresses. Yes, his tolerance for booze is down. He doesn’t want to hear anything Gloria has to say and looks about ready to projectile vomit at the thought of last night’s antics.

We didn’t, Jack insists. We DID, Gloria’s not thrilled about it either – but who cares? We’re consenting adults. No one must ever know. Jack readily agrees – he’ll take this secret to his grave. Both look queasy as they shake hands on it.

Vikki’s tired of looking like the bad guy with Reed – why is Billy interfering even? This is none of your business. Don’t focus on me, Billy encourages Vikki to make things right with Reed (who won’t forgive her anytime soon)

Joining Zoey and a couple of her friends at CL’s, Reed isn’t sure whether to join in the laughter about his Mom being a witch (Zoey’s made a meme of Vikki on her phone)

A dishevelled Jack bumps into Jill at the bottom of the stairs – come have coffee with me (while Jill will have a Bloody Mary if that’s not in poor taste while discussing the foundation) Jack can’t – he’s off to sign contracts with Lauren that give him a stake in Fenmores. This is news to Jill, and not good news at that.