Tuesday, January 31st

Phyllis finds Jack hungover and anxious for Lauren to get to his office to finalise this deal before Jill blows it up. It seems Lauren failed to consult with her partner.

Lauren won’t be bullied by Jill; you’re all about Brash n Sassy and completely ignore Fenmores. I’m saving MY company. OUR company, Jill could have bought it under CI. Now her share in Fenmores will be cut in half.

At GC Buzz, Devon sends Roz off with a notebook to make some changes. Hilary appears – to assume those must be her unemployment papers.

Billy marches into BnS’s conference room to show Vikki the unflattering ‘witch’ meme (now on his phone)

Yeah, yeah, Vikki remembers the line ‘I’d turn back if I were you’ is from the ‘classic’ Wizzard of Oz but does NOT think that earns any ‘respect’. And when Billy tattles that Zoey made it, Vikki bans her from her house and Reed. This is what kids do, Billy doesn’t see the big deal – it won’t go viral. Vikki’s overreacting to Reed being a normal kid.

Packing up her stuff at GC Buzz, Hilary asks Devon if he’ll keep it. Devon will, it’s an investment and his employees need jobs. After Devon signs paperwork Roz brings over, Hilary’s surprised to hear that she’s to fulfil her contract. You still work here, Devon concludes.

Back at Jabot, Jack tells Phyllis that Jill flew out of the parking lot to go confront Lauren. How did she get 50% of Fenmores to begin with? Phyllis thinks that Jill’s pissed off because Lauren didn’t consult her and/or she’s nixing this deal as payback against me for the whole Billy ‘thing’.

Lauren rehashes how Jill sued her way into Fenmores. And she’s still having nightmares about Jill and Collin having sex under her desk. Jill won’t be ignored. This isn’t about her feelings it’s about Lauren’s bad business sense (for not partnering with Chancellor) You had no right to make this deal without me. Lauren won’t change her mind. Jill tosses paperwork at her – this contract is legally binding.

The Billy ‘thing’? You mean your AFFAIR? Jack doesn’t appreciate Phyllis bringing that up. Phyllis is sorry – but let’s focus on the business at hand. Maybe Jack should rip up this contract and stay out of Lauren and Jill’s drama. Is it because I’m involved? Phyllis wonders. No, Jack won’t put personal issues before profits. I need to track down Lauren, Phyllis leaves.

Lauren doesn’t want to be under the Chancellor Umbrella and assumes Jill will take her to court (as she did 7 years ago) Jill just wanted to make a point – I own half of Fenmores. Lauren didn’t do this to hurt Jill, she did it to save the company. She’s making this deal no matter what Jill says (more comments hurled at her back, Jill hurries out)