Wednesday, February 1st

Vikki arrives at work to inform Billy that she was out late at a concert last night – Reed’s happy (and here’s a T-shirt as a thank you) Vikki even made Zoey’s ‘witch’ photo her phone’s screensaver as a reminder to ease up on Reed. Billy then shows her an article online; Fenmores merges with Jabot to form ‘fashion dynasty’.

At the estate, Cane doesn’t get why Jill’s upset by the merger announcement; Fenmores needed the money and Jabot only bought 49%. I have no ‘control’, Jill rants – Lauren didn’t consult me before selling ‘our legacy’. Collin joins them to say this might be a battle Jill should walk away from.

In his office, Jack ignores Gloria’s call to make a speech to Lauren, Phyllis, Ashley, Ravi (and a few minions) – this is a tremendous moment. We’re all on the same side now. Call me back immediately, Gloria leaves a message for Jack (from the club’s bar)

At GC Buzz, Mariah shows Hilary online reaction to her apology on last night’s segment. You really know how to work this TV thing. Hilary wants Mariah to accept her apology (which she insists was sincere) The apology was for Devon, Mariah suspects.

At the GCAC, Devon tells Neil that he had nothing to do with Hilary’s on-air apology to Mariah. Did that change things for you? Neil wonders.

Yes, Billy was aware of the merger – Phyllis told him. She’s working with Lauren. Vikki wonders why Jack would want Fenmores in that case – and why didn’t Jill mention it? Jill can’t be happy, they agree. Vikki wants BnS ahead of Jabot too – that’s why she needs Billy to help launch their latest weapon.

Jack stresses the importance of everyone working towards their common goal; success. Lauren stands to tout their mutually beneficial relationship. Distracted by his tablet, Ravi’s told he’ll be working with Phyllis after all. After the minions are dismissed, Lauren and Ashley look forward to working together. Jack has something to say to Phyllis – personal issues aside, you’ll be treated with the utmost professionalism. Waiting for the elevator, Lauren encourages Phyllis to trust that Jack’s sincere – and Phyllis encourages Lauren to make amends to Jill.

Jill’s determined to get her share of Fenmores back from Jack. After Cane leaves, Collin wants her to let it go. Jill’s now suspicious – tell me NOW why you don’t want me to pursue this?

Now seated at the club, Devon tells Neil that he’d be nuts to give Hilary a second chance. Love makes you nuts, Neil knows – as long as Devon loves Hilary this’ll be unresolved.

Mariah and Hilary talk shop at the station and wonder what Devon thought of the apology. Hilary’s just glad she cleared her conscience – nothing good comes from lying.

Collin’s only motivation is his love for Jill. He loves her passion and ambition – but how much more success do we need (and at what personal cost?) We should be enjoying the finer things in life – together. Collin wants to spend time on romance. Jill can have romance and her career. Life is too short, Collin disagrees.

Now alone, Jack and Ashley are interrupted by Gloria’s call – don’t you dare hang up on me. Jack hangs up – now where were we? he asks Ashley.