Thursday, February 2nd

Impressed with me? Hilary’s surprised and delighted. Devon knows it was hard for her to apologize – he’s missed this side of Hilary (who only cares what Devon thinks of her)

At Brash n Sassy, Jill announces that she’s accomplished all her goals (no, not getting Billy and Vikki back together) and wants to sell it to the trio. Yes, she does have a plan for the money – reclaiming what’s been stolen from her.

Gloria’s not leaving Jack’s office. So what if he didn’t get controlling interest in Fenmores – 49% must be worth something (as is having Glo in his bed!)

Ravi listens as Ashley warns Phyllis to respect her working relationship with him. It’s about to become a threesome, Phyllis quips. As Ashley marches off, Phyllis spots Ravi before he darts off. Barging into Jack’s office, Ashley wonders what the hell she’s interrupting.

At Underground, Nick’s stunned to hear that Dylan left Sharon (and GC without saying anything) Noah’s concerned that his Mom will fall apart again.

At Sharon’s, Mariah’s in tears hearing that Dylan’s ‘abandoned’ her Mom. I’ve got your back. Sharon can’t wallow – she must be strong for Faith (who’s lost someone she loves because of MY mistakes)

Gloria plays along with Jack’s story that she’s just there to defend Lauren. You’ve made your position crystal clear, she marches out. Not buying it, Ashley repeats her question to Jack; what the hell was that about?

Jill updates Cane, Vikki and Billy that Lauren made a big mistake selling shares to Jack behind her back. She has one condition for the sale (no, not that Billy and Vikki get remarried) – she wants the deal to be kept secret for now. The three agree to remain the Three Muskateers. Yeah, all for one, one for all, Cane leaves grumbling.

Back at GC Buzz, Hilary can’t help hoping she can make things right with Devon (as she did with Mariah) Is that why you apologized to her? So I’d forgive you? Devon wonders. OK, let’s make some real changes, Hilary huffs.

Sharon’s at the ranch to see Faith – she should hear it from me. Victor and Nikki watch on as Sharon tells Faith that there’s something they need to talk about.

Hilary knows she was selfish and cruel – that’s why I lost you. Devon didn’t compliment Hilary, but rather, her work – you’re just an employee. Hilary loves Devon enough to accept that the marriage is over (and when he assumes she’ll take his money in a settlement, declares the conversation over and walks off near tears)

If Gloria’s part of the Fenmores package, Ashley wants to know. She acted like a woman scorned – is this personal? Jack wonders why Ashley would ask that and why she’s so adamant that Phyllis keep her hands off Ravi – we’re all on the same team now. Ravi’s time and my trust aren’t infinite, Ashley warns. Marching out, she finds Ravi’s waiting to speak to Jack – to make it clear that HER work (not Phyllis’) is his priority. Admitting he overheard, Ravi’s flattered that Phyllis and Ashley were arguing over him – what’s the deal with you guys? Ashley will take Ravi somewhere more fun to fill him in.

Downstairs at BnS, Billy teases Cane about where he’ll get his share of the money. No, Cane doesn’t need Devon’s help – and in fact, he’ll buy Billy out in a year. Billy would take that bet if he was still gambling.