Friday, March 3rd

At the club, Victor and Mike fuss over an exhausted and stressed-out Lauren. Kevin’s on his way through rough terrain to meet the kidnappers and hopefully Scott – all we can do is hope for the best. Tired of being told how to feel, Lauren’s about to march off when Kevin calls – he’s at the rendezvous point (and looking at an empty chair)

Collin asks Ester how Jill’s doing. You’ll have to ask her, she growls. Dismissed, Ester warns Collin not to upset Jill. He hopes his cheque is the reason Jill’s doing well and wanted to see him. Can’t get anything past you, can I? Jill’s sarcastic.

At the ranch to pick up Faith, Sharon’s informed that Christian spent the night – you can go say hello, Nikki invites. Faith comes down to wonder why Daddy didn’t pick up Christian last night. Sharon assumes Nick had something to do. He did – he had a date, Faith blabs.

Nick and Chelsea roll over in bed; Hey. Hi. Glad you’re here. So am I. Neither have to go into work ~kiss~

Kevin needs to get to Victor’s assets on the ground and find out what went wrong. Hanging up, Victor updates the Baldwins – Scotty wasn’t there – negotiations (like this) are tough but not over with. Lauren fears the worst; the kidnappers think they’ve been double crossed – my son may pay the price for that!

Back at the ranch, Nikki reminds Faith of their talk last night – there’s no reason your Dad can’t go on a date. Sharon’s fine with Nick and Chelsea dating and after Faith goes up to get ready, Nikki updates her on Faith’s shenanigans last night. Sharon’s surprised; Faith likes Chelsea. It’s because Dylan’s gone, Nikki points out (implying that Faith wants her parents back together)

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Now dressed and drinking coffee, Nick and Chelsea share another kiss. I guess this means we’re out of the friend zone. If Nick could do one thing over, he’d have told Faith (which he’ll go do now) Chelsea reasons that they didn’t know where this was heading (but does now) Nick’s sure Faith will be happy once she sees how happy they are. And with a few more kisses, Nick leaves (both smiling)

Collin knows repaying the money is just one step in winning Jill back. She shuts him up to confront him about his other ‘delivery’ – you robbed me a second time to come up with the money to repay the money you stole from me the first time!

Jill knows that Collin opened Kay’s safety deposit box and put the letter in her mailbox; a letter Murphy said had been waiting for her since Kay died. You found something else in that box – something worth maybe about ‘this much’ (she’s about to rip the cheque in half when Collin stops her)

Sharon assures Nikki that she doesn’t need a man to survive; she’s more grounded (than the last time she was single and pursued Nick) When Nick arrives, Nikki’s happy to put Sharon on the spot – she was just telling me how grounded she is.

Sitting by herself at the club, Lauren flashes back to Scotty promising to be careful – but this is something he must do. Mike returns with Aspirin for her headache. Hand shaking, Lauren washes them down with water. Victor returns to show them a map on his phone – this is where Scotty, Kevin and the kidnappers are. They’ll want the 10 million to finance their war. Lauren thinks Victor only wants to secure the safety of his 10 million. What about my son!? Victor sits back – as if slapped by Lauren’s harsh words.