Monday, March 6th

As Jill continues to think about Kay and the letter she wrote, Devon drops by to find that Kay’s portrait has been taken off the wall. You found a way to keep the fight alive. Actually, SHE did that, Jill replies.

Cane chats with his Dad as he packs for his trip to Asia. Collin worries that Lily will throw him out while his son’s gone.

At the club, Lily tells Neil that she’s proud of Cane but worried Collin will never leave – if only he had somewhere else to go. Oh no – Neil’s not willing to take on that particular roommate.

Hilary doesn’t hate Mariah’s ideas but does hate what she’s wearing – get it together – Jordan will be here for the photoshoot soon. What photoshoot? Mariah accuses Hilary of sabotaging her.

Phyllis goes to Ravi’s office wearing ‘a problem’ (an ill-fitting dress that looked fine when she ordered it through Fenmores virtual dressing room app) Reporting that things went well with Ashley last night, Ravi wonders why everyone thinks he has no chance with her.

Abby delivers pastries to Ashley (in Jack’s office) Ashley’s taking on a bigger role while Jack’s in NY (and after). I deserve to sit behind this desk. Out of the blue, Abby warns her Mom that she’s going to break Ravi’s heart.

Jill tells Devon that her relationship with Kay was complicated – she made things worse from beyond the grave. Devon offers support and money – just let me know. He’s fond of Jill and won’t celebrate her dumping Collin (whom he’s not fond of). Yes, you married a barracuda too, Jill knows.

Back at GC Buzz, Mariah accuses Hilary of sabotaging her with this surprise photoshoot – then must apologize (seems Hilary notified Mariah by email) Telling Mariah to go get ‘gorgeous’, Hilary greets Jordan (who likes what he sees enough to immediately start taking photos)

Ashley downplays Ravi’s ‘little crush’ on her. Abby sees it quite differently – he’s got a thing for you. Let him down now before it gets more serious, she insists. OK, Ashley sends Abby off so she can handle this situation with Ravi.

Lily understands why Neil wouldn’t want to take Collin on – but it’d be nice if Jill took him back. Neil angled for that too. Lily will lose it if she doesn’t get rid of Collin soon.

Collin understands why Lily would want him gone but he can’t afford to leave right now. He then gets a call that sends him out smiling – I’m about to pay Jill back (legally) Cane’s left puzzled.