Thursday, March 2nd

Nick sets his wine bottle down on the piano Chelsea’s never played. She was just on her way upstairs to change – help me with my zipper? Nick’s hand lingers on the small of her back – as she turns to meet his gaze.

Give us some privacy! Jill will involve Ester when SHE gets a letter from beyond the grave – now go figure out how to cook healthy filet mignon with garlic sauce! Jill then shouts at Murphy – there was no key in the music box! Murphy insists there was – and has no idea who put the letter in Jill’s mailbox. How the hell did you pull this one off?! she blasts Kay’s portrait.

Phyllis and Ravi are stunned by what they see online – who’ll tell the bosses? You or me? Meanwhile, in Jack’s office, Ashley insists she can handle the business while Jack’s away – she was serious about taking on a bigger role at Jabot.

Lauren unexpectedly barges into Victor’s office – has he or Mike heard anything????

Why did Kay send me on that meaningless music box treasure hunt? Jill wonders. Murphy was following his brilliant wife’s orders. Kay wanted to challenge you one last time – the content of the letter was the basis of your relationship. Jill has one last question – what did Kay bequeath to me? What did Phillip always want me to have?

Collin meets David Sherman (Jill’s lawyer) at the club – order whatever you like – on me. Rejecting the offer, David has no interest in being palsy-walsy with Collin – Jill’s divorcing you (and should be laying criminal charges) She’d have every right, Collin admits, but he has something that might change her mind.

Ashley’s not ‘pulling a coup’ – someone has to prevent Jack’s misguided decisions (buying Fenmores and hiring Gloria) Phyllis and Ravi barge in to announce that Fenmores dressing room app results are staggering. Ravi’s handled the traffic without a single crash. Ashley praises Ravi, ignores Phyllis and admits that Jack was right to invest in Fenmores. Ravi again tries to share the credit with Phyllis (who’s accused of stealing Ashley’s idea)

Back at NE, Lauren assumes the kidnappers will release Scotty as soon as Kevin lands on the Newman jet. No, Kevin will have to follow the kidnapper’s instructions – go to various checkpoints. Go to Top of The Tower for some food, Victor insists. Refusing to leave, Lauren demands the truth – will the plan work? Victor can’t guarantee her son’s safe return.

Lauren wishes Scotty had chosen another profession – lead a safe, secure life. You raised a courageous son who feels a duty to report the truth, Mike and Victor are supportive. And when Abby marches in blathering about the Gunnerson deal, Victor tells her to handle it herself.

Chelsea’s dress now zipped up again, wine is served and Nick updates that Faith lied – his Mom’s handling it. He’ll clear it up tomorrow. How will you clear up your daughter having a problem with us being together? Chelsea wonders.

Ashley reminds Phyllis that the virtual dressing room is a lot like JabotGo – and SHE discovered Ravi (who’s excited when Ashley leads him out for ‘a night on the town’) That leaves Phyllis to gripe about Ashley’s attitude. When Jack praises her work, Phyllis suspects he’s OK with her working at Jabot again because he’s moved on with a new woman.

Not sure what she walked in on, Abby insists this deal needs Victor’s attention. Taking the hint, the Baldwins go upstairs to eat. Victor instructs Abby to use his reputation (for not caving) She must learn to be tough.