Tuesday, March 7th

Joining Reed as he does homework at CL’s, Billy talks about his return to Underground’s open mic (and Vikki’s turn around) She’s pretty cool – I married her twice, Billy smiles – and I am a catch.

Via video chat, Cane (and Juliette) talk to Vikki about a crucial meeting with Sato (a top distributor) I’ve got this, Cane assures – he won’t leave Tokyo without this agreement signed.

On camera, wearing aprons, Mariah and Hilary are demonstrating a new green cleaner by competing to clean up tomato sauce. I win! Hilary then ladles a spoonful of tomato sauce on Marian chirping that it’s great for laundry too. As Mariah rolls her eyes, Devon and Jordan both praise Hilary. One at a time boys, he crows.

Juliette tells Vikki that Mr Soto is indeed intimidating. Cane has experience in Tokyo. Yes, but that was a while ago – Vikki wants Juliette to prep Cane. When Lily arrives at BnS, Vikki leaves her to update Cane that the twins are staying with Neil until Dad comes home (because Grandpa Collin ate all their cereal) The chat ends with blown kisses and I love you’s.

Billy’s glad that Reed and his Mom are getting along better. Seeing Zoey arrive, Billy leaves her to rave about Reed’s performance online. Hearing he’s playing open mic again, she’d love to come hear him play (with some friends)

Back at GC Buzz, Jordan tells Devon that he loves the edgy chemistry between Hilary and Mariah. Devon’s smile fades when Hilary comes over to tell Jordan that she’s ready for that drink. Not believing that Devon’s ‘OK’, Mariah invites him to Underground for open mic. Initially declining, Devon looks at Jordan and Hilary and changes his mind.

Vikki’s sorry Cane had to leave for Tokyo so quickly. Lily assures that their marital issues have nothing to do with work stuff – it’s Cane’s Father (who won’t leave her home unless one of the lottery tickets she bought him pays off) When Vikki suggests they order dinner in, Lily agrees.

In a Tokyo restaurant, Cane knows not to shake hands or ask personal questions of Mr Sato. Juliette’s impressed – and no, she couldn’t have taken this meeting alone. Her role is interpreter. Cane practices his Japanese; I’ve got this.

Zoey can’t wait to see Reed play live tonight. Will you play for just me if I get close enough? After she leaves, Billy asks if that was the girl who came up with the ‘witch meme’. Yes – but she apologized – and called me a rock star. Have fun tonight, Billy leaves Reed smiling.