Wednesday, March 8th

Divorce me or forgive me, Hilary gives Devon an ultimatum. Grabbing the divorce papers, she won’t leave the penthouse until he decides. What difference does it make? You’re already moving on – or is Lily right are you just trying to make me jealous? Devon wonders.

Billy and Vikki high five at the office over Dare’s domestic high numbers. Hopefully, the Asian market follows suit. A nervous Vikki paces (waiting to hear from Cane) If he doesn’t get the deal signed we’re screwed, Billy offers as worse case scenario.

In the Tokyo restaurant, Juliette blasts Cane for offending Mr Sato with a bro hug. She’ll try to talk him into coming back. If he doesn’t? The deal is dead. Cane’s left to read a text from Vikki (eager for an update)

Mariah chats with Reed (who’s hiding in Underground’s office) You have no idea what it’s like to mess up in front of people. What?! Mariah did a faceplant on live TV. She knows Reed’s mortified – go finish your song. No? OK – cheesy pep talk it is. Everybody loves a comeback story – go blow the roof off this place.

Mom? Scott!? At home, Mother and son hug. Kevin and Mike also hug then watch the weepy reunion.

When Cane calls, Vikki puts him on speaker. What details are you ‘hammering out’? This deal must go through. Can you finalize it? Cane’s vague but hopes to have good news soon. Billy’s sure Cane botched it. Vikki doesn’t appreciate the negativity. Billy insists they go see Reed perform at Underground.

Reed’s not ready – maybe some other night. Mariah doesn’t want to leave him by himself – come watch the other musicians. Why? To see how NOT to choke? Reed sighs.

Devon’s not the one playing games. No? Hilary objects; kissing me – saying you don’t care if I date – then acting all jealous? It’s like some freaky carousel ride (which makes Devon laugh) No one’s affected my life as you have, no one will, he then admits.

A medic checked Scotty out before they flew out – he’s OK. Can you tell us what happened? Lauren asks.

Scott tells his tale; he and his driver Ahmed were going to meet a source when ambushed and dragged from their car and separated. With a hood over his head, Scotty was taken from location to location. He appreciates Kevin coming to get him and his Mom paying the ransom (to which she credits Victor) Scotty needs to know what happened to Ahmed.