Thursday, March 9th

Lauren smacks the food out of Mike’s hand. It’s for Scott! All of it? he quips. In tears and nervous, Lauren just wants breakfast to go perfectly. Going to peek in on Scott, Lauren runs back out alarmed – he’s gone!

At CL’s, Chloe chides Kevin about leaving her with Gloria while he’s off on top secret police work. She’s stunned to hear that Kevin wasn’t on police work; he went to the Middle East to save Scott. Why am I just hearing about this now???

Behind the counter doing barista duties with Faith, Sharon comments that it’s great that Nick’s dating Chelsea. But how can Faith be happy about that when her Mom’s all alone?

Chelsea’s brought a box of take-out to Nick’s office at Underground. After a kiss, Nick has something he wants to show her.

Victor’s surprised when Scott drops by his office to thank him, shake his hand – and wonder why he paid the 10 million ransom (which neither he nor his Mother can possibly repay)

Chloe’s amazed that Victor just handed 10 million dollars over to Kevin; who sees it as a sign that he’s truly changed (like Chloe has) There’s a lot about me you don’t know, he grins mysteriously.

Scotty needs time and space, Mike doubts he’s left town without saying anything. Maybe he went to see Kevin, someone he can relate to, Lauren hopes. Scott needs time, Mike reiterates.

** Please disable your ad blocker on this site. My son is being held captive in the Middle East for 10 million dollars ransom. I must pay for his safe passage and a haircut! **

Knowing Victor’s had issues with Mike (and you don’t know me) Scotty wants to know why he helped. Having read Scott’s work, Victor admires ‘truth-tellers’ who put their lives on the line. Then help me save someone else. It’s already being done, Victor replies.

Chelsea in his lap, Nick shows her a lake-house for sale online. She thinks it a good idea to get away from the city – and Victor, she admits (which Nick understands) Nick’s thinking of Faith and Christian; if his Father won’t protect him (from Victor) who will? When Chelsea looks down, Nick’s sorry, assuming he reminded her of Adam. No, Chelsea’s the one who’s sorry.

If Chelsea doesn’t tell Nick this right now ….. Nick interrupts – you have every reason to be freaked out. It’s too much, too soon. And I brought up Adam. Chelsea thinks they’re in the exact same place; our loss makes us appreciate our connection. We’re lucky, Nick sees a future with Chelsea ~kiss~

On the CL’s patio, Sharon assures Faith that she doesn’t need someone else to feel complete. I’m a whole person all by myself. Don’t worry about me. Sharon believes she’s fine on her own and wants Faith to believe that too.

Mike stops Lauren from text Scotty – he wouldn’t take off. Lauren hopes he’s right. Paul drops by to see how things are going. What’s wrong??