Friday, March 17th

Mariah reminds Hilary that she tried to fire her just yesterday. No, Hilary needs Mariah – she’ll even give her segments of her own. Why should Mariah trust Hilary? Because she wants GC Buzz to succeed. OK, Devon doesn’t trust me not to run the show into the gutter. Hilary then reminds that she’s helped Mariah (by stopping Gloria from smearing Jack) I don’t want to put out ‘fake news’.

Ashley’s trying to save Jack and protect their Father’s legacy. This is about revenge; putting BnS out of business. Drop the hockey deal. Ashley will take the company back again if she has to. Jack then drops a bomb – he’s already talked to Traci that the board. I’m not going anywhere.

Vikki’s sent an email asking Hershel to look at the deal on its merits and hear their pitch (which they go over) ‘Catch the wave’ – Leon’s a surfer, like Billy. This’ll be good.

Mariah suggests Devon give Hilary the show – she won’t fire me. Devon laughs – she tripped you on live TV. She’s apologized – we have a good thing going. Perhaps Devon wants to keep the show so he can be around Hilary? Stop putting yourself through this. Vikki arrives asking for a favour – footage of the BnS launch.

Hilary drops by Jack’s office to update that she and Devon signed divorce papers (after she gave him an ultimate) It’s hard to go through divorce, she tears up – how did something so beautiful turn so toxic? Jack no longer asks why – just ask ‘what do we do now’?

Ashley meets Neil at Top of the Tower – she wants him to come work at Jabot. You have a bond with Jack. No, she doesn’t want him to babysit Jack (Gloria does that) Jack’s making bad decisions, Neil’s told.

Billy whines to Phyllis at CL’s – Jack tried to tank his deal by using our affair – he wants payback. I’m going to pay for this the rest of my life and I didn’t even get the girl.

Jack doesn’t approve of Hilary not getting a settlement from Devon. No, Hilary needs something that is hers – but what if I fail? Owning, running, hosting her own TV show – even with all her experience is scary. Hilary needs advice (which Jack’s happy to give)First, don’t ask Devon – tell him. Use his skeletons to get what you need.

Phyllis doesn’t have any pull with Jack – he’s relying on Gloria. Yeah, what’s that about? Billy wonders.

Vikki’s looking for some unaired clips for her pitch to the hockey league. Mariah pulls it up on a laptop and leaves Vikki to get an eyeful of the files; one entitled Jabot-Clarisa-Harassment. Hmmmm.

Collin serves Jill a glass of water – he feels good going back to Australia knowing Jill’s in a good place. Thanks for forgiving me. This is the right way to end it. Unless we don’t end it – Jill’s bucket list would me more fun if Collin came along. BUT, he won’t have access to her bank accounts – she’s changed all her passwords etc.

Phyllis tells Billy that Gloria went after Lauren’s potential investors – when they caught in, Jack tried to say that they were dating.

Sorry, Mariah can’t show Vikki the Clarissa story – it’s against policy. Your download’s done. Vikki thanks Mariah and is left to plug in her flashdrive and copy the file.