Monday, March 20th

Giving Jack his messages, Gloria warns him not to trust that ‘modern day Hedda Hopper’ (Hilary) You should be thanking her for stopping your interview, Jack reminds ‘Clarissa’. Gloria declares herself quite an asset – in and out of the office. Whatever you want, I do it, she purrs.

At BnS, Jordan updates Billy on Lily’s stalker. How did Cane react? Billy’s surprised to hear that Lily wasn’t able to reach him in Tokyo.

Taking the silky camisole out of his briefcase, a puzzled Cane flashes back to Juliet carrying his drunken ass out of the bar. What’s that? Lily returns home to ask.

Over beers at Underground, Scott briefly worries about Ahmed – and finding a job. Kevin explains that the guy who owns this place once owned a magazine; he might have some journalism contacts. Tonight, Scott just needs a perfect distraction; Chloe (which wipes the smile off Kevin’s face)

At the penthouse, Chelsea and Chloe discuss their busy work schedule – and that Chloe succeeded in becoming a better person. Getting a call from Nick, Chelsea invites him over – she’s hungry. Hanging up, she stops Chloe from leaving – ‘wait’ ….

How would Chloe be a good distraction? Kevin wonders. Scott’s mind will be busy getting to know her – he wouldn’t exploit the difficulties she’s had the past few years. Kevin goes over their history; money problems, Delia’s death, mental issues – and is asked if he has any concerns about what Chloe might do this time around.

Chelsea’s sat her best friend down to credit her for stepping up to get the help she needed. Letting go of all that pain and anger couldn’t have been easy. Chloe credits Bella, Chelsea and Kevin; there’s a new confidence in him. Yes, Chloe might be ready to be ‘Mrs Superhero’.

When Vikki races in to show Billy something on her laptop, Billy points out that they have company; Jordan. Yes, she might have something to add to their presentation (the flashdrive in her hand)