Friday, March 17th

At the office, Ashley and Jack butt heads. She needs to take a more active role because of his bad decision-making. It’s MY name on the door. For now, Ashley challenges.

Downstairs, at BnS, Vikki counters Billy’s fury with strategy; let’s offer the hockey league more that Jack can afford (after paying out a lot for Fenmores) Great ‘power play’ he agrees (get the pun) That’s why he loves working for women.

When Jill lets him into the estate, Collin recites his well-rehearsed apology – he won’t hurt her and knows it’s over. Neil convinced him – I should set you free.

At GC Buzz, Hilary assures Devon that all she wants it she show. We’re done here. No, we’re not, he argues.

Hilary reiterates; she doesn’t want money from Devon – she wants GC Buzz. It’s me. But you turned it into mean-spirited gossip, Devon excuses himself to take a call (which gives Mariah time to reject Hilary’s appeal that SHE talk to Devon)

Jill hasn’t taken Phillip’s ring off – she’s been focussing on the wrong things. Yes, love is what’s important. Jill now thinks the timing of Kay’s letter was perfect (as was the way she lived her bucket list) Jill’s made one of her own. Collin reads it – at the bottom’ ‘forgive Collin’?

Ashley will back off if Jack backs off the hockey league idea. She then brings up Gloria and him getting back at Billy. She’s furious to hear that Jack told his friend about Billy’s gambling problem. We don’t need to expand – we’re overextended. Revive the men’s line slowly if anything. Or you’ll go to the board and unseat me? Jack thought Ashley was all about family unity.

Vikki ends a call and updates Billy that Mr Hershell has concerns about working with BnS – Jack told his friend about your transgressions; the gambling. Leon doesn’t want the league to be associated with sex scandals and gambling. But Vikki will NOT give up.

Collin thinks it ‘dumb’ for Jill to forgive him. Doesn’t she want a fresh start? He’s certainly capable of giving her another heart attack. He only bought the ring back because he thought he could salvage the marriage. And Jill isn’t forgiving Collin for his sake – she’s doing what’s best or her.