Friday, March 17th

Collin knows that he’s not the love of Jill’s life – he’s not Phillip but can aspire to be that kind of man. That’s a high bar but a good place to start, Jill kisses him.

Jack’s letting his personal grudges take over – he’s becoming ruthless. Ashley’s building a team so she can go to the board. Neil won’t help Ashley go behind her brother’s back.

You can’t trust your heart – be strong, Jack tells Hilary to stay strong – Devon will hand over GC Buzz. Add this condition – he can’t come anywhere near the station – having an ex around only adds to the pain.

Phyllis tells Billy not to let Jack pull him down – who knows you better than I do? Don’t do something you’ll regret.

Back at GC Buzz, Devon thinks Mariah made some good points, then surprised her. Would you like to have dinner with me? Across the room, a nervous Vikki grabs her flashdrive and ducks behind the counter and Mariah glances over.

Next: I want you to have this money, Nick hands Chelsea a cheque … Jack informs that Ashley thinks he’s using his animosity towards Billy to make business decisions. Are you? Gloria asks. Absolutely, is the reply … No need – we can just look at the footage, Vikki holds up the flashdrive. You didn’t, Billy’s surprised. I did, she claims.

My Thoughts: What happened to Tuesday? I do not know. I got confused. I got over 100 emails when I logged online yesterday wondering why there was no spoiler for the past couple of days. I assumed everyone knew it was March Madness; it’s been an annual pre-empt ever since I started this blog 17 years ago (but then again, I forget every year) To those who expressed concern, thank you and my apologies for worrying you or even puzzling you. To the 6 or 7 who were downright nasty (so far, I stopped opening email at some point) – guess what, providing spoilers is a hobby, not a job. And if you’ve not seen an ad on this page, it’s actually costing ME for that ‘privilege’. Today is the first day I’ve actually considered implementing an adblock-blocker. Instead, I’m going to enjoy my weekend and wish the same to the 99.9% of you readers who I sincerely enjoy doing this for. Ok – had to get that off my chest and if you read excerpts of my email, you’d understand my need to vent… Rant over with – I’ll try to end the week with something slightly humourous… Did I really hear Hilary use the term ‘fake news’? Please. Enough already …. What? Billy’s a surfer? Oh yeah. I vaguely remember that, just like I vaguely remember Noah playing guitar and Vikki being an artist – last mentioned eons ago when she was illustrating a children’s book that she must still be shopping around to publishers … Of course Vikki was left alone with a laptop containing sensitive info – TWICE. What she did is a serious crime. But who ever gets charged or convicted of serious crimes? No one in GC that’s for sure. have a great weekend folks! I feel better already. Happy St Patrick’s Day!