Friday, March 31st

Paul closes his office door to remind Nick that the investigation into Adam’s death was closed months ago – it was a propane explosion. Deflecting Nick’s request to call Dylan, Paul will only reopen the case if he has something solid. Nick thinks this qualifies.

At CL’s, Mike’s astonished to hear that Kevin’s getting married tomorrow; then suspicious – which one of you fast-tracked the wedding, you or Chloe?

Chloe’s at the Estate jumping up and down with Ester when Chelsea arrives to hear that the wedding’s tomorrow. The dress isn’t finished – why the rush?

Lily approaches Juliet at the club’s bar – Cane told me – he tells me everything. Caught off-guard, Juliet bleats that she didn’t force Cane to do anything. It doesn’t bother you? she asks Lily. No, if you’re as good as Cane says you are this won’t slow you down, Lily smiles. You have the wrong impression of me, Juliet says. Lily doesn’t think so.

That’s fantastic, but Cane can’t even force a smile as he pretends to approve. We’d be lucky to have Juliet in any position… I mean capacity. Vikki’s relieved – for a minute it seemed like you didn’t want her here.

Detectives don’t like coincidences Nick knows – and he finds it convenient that the cabin exploded with him and Chelsea safely watching. And what if the propane leak wasn’t due to a defective seal but sabotaged by someone with a wrench? Paul would need proof and/or motive. Who do you think did this?

Chloe claims that she had a vivid dream of getting married so woke up to tell Kevin that she didn’t want to waste another moment. They can get the adoption process started sooner too. Chelsea vows to finish the dress – even if she has to work on it all night.

It was Chloe’s idea – but Kevin’s more than eager to get to the honeymoon. He loves Chloe, flaws and all. Mike must play devil’s advocate – Chloe has more flaws than you do. Sharon interrupts – you and Chloe are getting married tomorrow? No, no problem – let me give you a hug (Sharon makes her worried face over Kevin’s shoulder)

Running some numbers, Vikki’s disappointed – it might not be in the budget to hire Juliet. Cane’s relief is short lived – Vikki found a surplus in another department. Just like that – viola – just make sure Juliet takes the job, she smiles at Cane.

Lily stops Juliet from leaving – my impression is that you’re a bright woman who deserved that job. Ahhh – that’s what Cane told you, a relieved Juliet blames jet lag – then whines that she needs a full-time job. On cue, Vikki calls – I’ve found something for you.

Still at the estate, Chloe’s sending out invites to her and Kevin’s pop-up wedding. Chelsea’s done a lame sketch of flowers on the staircase. As Ester excuses herself to take a call from the photographer, Chelsea brings both herself and Chloe to tears by announcing a surprise; a dress for Bella. You’re my guardian angel, Chloe vows that she’d do anything for Chelsea. I love you. I love you too ~hug~