Thursday, April 27th

Also at Jabot, Ravi’s impressed that Ashley was able to make a last minute dinner reservation at Top of the Tower. Phyllis appears to invite herself along – see you there.

Vikki will see her team at Top of the Tower. You didn’t have any plans? Vikki hopes – and asks Billy to drive with there her – she doesn’t have anyone else to talk about her Mom to. Sure, Billy agrees.

Yes, Chelsea believes Victor’s being generous, not trying to take over her company. He’s ensuring she and Connor have a future, just like Nick giving her the cheque from Constance. Finding out that Chloe murdered Adam has made Chelsea question things. That we should be together? Nick wonders. Chelsea’s response is to let in the masseuse she’s booked for a couples’ massage.

Leaving Top of the Tower, Nikki and Jack greet Ashley and Ravi. They’re just friends, Jack tells Nikki (who thinks Ashley might be trying to get her mojo back too) Vikki and Billy reminisce about their impromptu wedding in Jamaica. Phyllis eyes them as she joins Ashley and Ravi to order a bottle of wine (much to Ravi and Ashley’s chagrin) They all watch as the BnS team take a table; Billy eyeing Phyllis.

Devon and Mariah take a table and note that everyone seems to be at Top of The Tower tonight. Seeing Hilary arrive, Mariah remarks ‘fasten your seatbelt, it’s gonna be a bumpy night’.

Now at the ranch, Jack’s eyes are closed as he listens to Nikki play piano. Crediting Tessa and Reed, Nikki’s pondering playing at her charity event. Jack thinks that a great idea – he’ll donate a mint for a front row seat. He then pulls out the poster board for the Nikki Newman research facility – is this HER project or something ‘moneybags’ bought?

In robes, Chelsea promises Nick relaxation and tranquility. Hendrick’s there to massage Nick, Helga will be here for Nick (who pictures a wrestler woman – let’s massage each other. When Helga arrives, Nick’s pleased enough to hop up on the massage table. Chelsea’s soon moaning, while Nick’s fears come true (Helga is causing him pain)

As Hilary takes a seat beside Jordan, Lily complains – but is delighted to hear that Devon’s free of her as of today. Vikki thanks all for coming; order anything you like. Cane orders water (it’s a work function) Juliet quietly leans across to whisper to Joran. Approaching Devon and Mariah’s table, Lily is thrilled to hear that they’re dating. Devon can’t keep his eyes off Hilary. Polishing off her glass of wine, Phyllis is told to go over to Billy’s table. A bottle of champagne is delivered from the ‘competition’; Vikki turns to raise her glass. Phyllis is NOT impressed.

Serving Jack coffee, Nikki explains away Victor creating the new MS center then joins him in gushing over a photo album of Nick and Vikki as kids; a reminder of their time together – a happy time, he smiles.