Wednesday, April 26th

At the office, Vikki gives Billy her full attention. This isn’t easy to say, you deserve to hear it from me… Billy’s interrupted by a call from Nikki. You’re Father’s done something – I’m livid – come over. Nick’s on his way. Apologizing to Billy, Vikki hurries out – we’ll finish this later.

Nick arrives at the ranch – what did he do now? Until Vikki arrives, Nikki will only say that Victor’s creating new ways to make their lives a living hell.

Juliet interrupts Cane and Lily – she feels like a bit of an oddball working around all these couples. Jordan returns to say they’re doing some promo shots – Juliet didn’t tell you? No, Cane’s not pleased. Don’t worry, your wife’s in good hands, Juliet reassures Cane.

Jack, Ashley, Phyllis and Ravi are at Jabot discussing the new home furnishings app; a perfect expansion. Jack then announces that he bought a warehouse for Ashley to turn into a state of the art lab (since BnS is in theirs) After Ravi and Phyllis leave, Ashley gripes to Jack about making decisions by himself.

Nikki reports that Dean Miller from the University’s medical school brought over this (a poster board of a building – the Nicole Newman Center for Neurological Diseases) Victor made a huge donation and gave a rousing speech on finding a cure for MS. And there’s more – the university wants to throw a reception in our honour when Victor gets back.

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On his laptop, Jack shows Ashley the warehouse he bought. Ashley would have liked a say – why did he close the deal so fast? Jack denies he has a hidden agenda – and thinks Ashley’s hiding things too – like what happened on her NY trip.

Outside Jack’s office, Ravi mopes that Ashley won’t be around much once the new lab is built. Phyllis advises Ravi that making his intentions clear is the only way to get what he wants.

Down at BnS, Billy gets a text from Phyllis and rushes out to meet her in the elevator (much to Cane’s annoyance) Juliet picks an outfit off a rack for Lily and as model and Jordan wander out, Juliet finds her silky camisole on a hanger. What the hell are you doing with that? Cane appears to ask.

You told me you threw this away, Juliet hisses at Cane (who insists he did) Lily and Jordan return. Jordan recognizes the camisole someone threw out by mistake a few weeks back – sexy little thing, isn’t it. It goes perfectly, Lily grabs the camisole and goes to change. Cane looks ill.