Friday, April 28th

Cane eavesdrops on Billy and Phyllis in the coat check room. He wants to be out in the open too – trust me ~kiss~ Cane steps away as Billy walks past then when Phyllis emerges tells her to have a good night. You too, she replies.

Not happy to see Lily and Jordan happily reminiscing, Hilary wastes no time quietly warning Lily to be careful – hands off.

What’s said in the powder room stays in the powder room, Juliet reassures Vikki as they return to their table (and Billy). Phyllis watches Billy grinning and chatting to Vikki across the room. When Cane makes a comment she storms out.

Darling, I’m so glad you’re home, Nikki plays her part – How was your trip? Enlightening, and Victor can see he didn’t come home a moment too soon.

Victor isn’t sure how Nikki can protect the family while consorting with the likes of Jack. Jack came to hear his favourite ex-wife and reminisce about some of the happiest years of his life. Jack then brings up Adam’s murder; Father to Father, he’s sorry. Thank you, Nikki sends Jack off with a quick kiss.

Hilary denies she’s jealous but Cane might be. Jordan relays info he heard (from Juliet)- after a few drinks Cane gets freaky. On cue, Cane returns to the table to say this evening out was a brilliant idea. Interacting outside work gives us a chance to know more about each other. Looking like the cat who ate the canary, Cane will let Billy be the one to toast Vikki (which raises his eyebrow)

Billy delivers a nice little spiel – cheers to Vikki. After all clink glasses, she jokes about Billy being a handful. It’s time for Billy to hit the hay – no rest for the weary. No, the wicked, Cane corrects. After Vikki and Billy exit, Lily thinks it nice that Vikki’s in such a good mood (because of Billy)

Across the room with Jordan, Hilary puts two and two together; Juliet saw the wild side of Cane in Tokyo. She then approaches Mariah with a ‘team building exercise’. It’s the Hilary Hour, starring Hilary, Mariah sees no team. Are you drunk? We’re not bonding, Mariah walks off to the bar.

Lily and Jordan must get going – they have an early shoot. Walk down with us, Lily invites Juliet. Devon wants a word with Jordan.

At Jabot, Ravi rants at Phyllis; you’ve been pushing me and Ashley together then interrupt our date. It was a date? Phyllis seems surprised. This is a game to you – you think Ashley’s out of my league, Ravi’s annoyed. Phyllis wishes he’d said something – I’m sorry. Go after her, now (she’s sure Ashley will respond)