Thursday, April 27th

What are you guys arguing about so intensely? Lily asks Cane and Juliet; who says they need to be straight with Lily (still wearing THE camisole)

At the cafe, Billy’s sorry he jumped to conclusions. He didn’t know Vikki was dealing with something so private (as her Mother’s health) Now that Billy knows the truth, Vikki hoped they could start over where they left off – is that possible?

Jack would be happy to help Nikki get her mojo back – dump the mustache. But why is she asking advice from Victor’s arch enemy? It makes Jack wonder what’s really going on between Victor and Nikki (who claims all is well with her husband)

At the penthouse, Chelsea updates Nick that she’s shorthanded at work but thanks to Victor that’s all about to change. What did my Dad do now? Nick wonders.

Billy’s gotta be honest – focusing on BnS and the kids works for us. He cares about Vikki but thinks they should keep things the way they are. Vikki agrees – thanks for keeping me on track. We’re headed in the right direction.

My Dad invested half a million in Chelsea 2.0? Nick’s surprised (but not surprised that Chelsea wasn’t able to reach Victor) Unbelievable. Chelsea asks what’s going on – why does Victor’s donation in Adam’s memory bother Nick so much?

**Sorry for the delay. Sometimes life (or in this case death) gets in the way**

Back at Top of the Tower, Jack thinks Nikki’s marriage a prison sentence – but he has ideas on how she can restore her former glory. Not a male strip club? Turn the ranch into a sanctuary for retired circus animals? Nikki thinks Jack’s onto something.

At Top of the Tower’s bar, Mariah walks in on Devon getting hit on by one woman, then another. Ordering a drink, she understands that she’s dating GC’s most eligible bachelor. Fending them off must be difficult.

Still at BnS, Juliet claims she and Cane were arguing about a press release. Lily tells Cane not to get so worked up – then is summoned by Jordan to finish the shoot (but looks suspicious) Vikki arrives with Billy to gather the troops – she’s taking them all to dinner at Top of The Tower to show her appreciation. Busy on his phone, Billy says he wouldn’t miss it.

Getting a message from Billy, Phyllis isn’t happy that he’s canceling their plans for the evening.