Thursday, May 25th

Vikki relays her explanation to the league – that their relationship is mutually beneficial. They agreed – the deal is still in place. BUT, Vikki had to make some concessions. They have to scrap the commercial and the person responsible for this mistake be terminated.

Scott constantly feels tested by Victor – just like his kids do. Keeping an eye on Abby is not the best use of his expertise. You’ve been on several business trips, this concert is more than a charity benefit – is Nikki OK? Nikki’s health is just fine, Phyllis appears to say –
this is about her being caught in the arms of another man.

The woman mopping the floor looks around nervously then tells Nick and Chelsea that Dr Harris released Chloe then retired. Can you meet us after work? they ask. I’ll never get out of here, the woman bolts. Wait, you’re a patient here? Chelsea and Nick are left to wonder if they can trust her. She’s the only lead we’ve got, Chelsea decides.

Victor’s not surprised that Phyllis sees a tawdry relationship wherever she looks. Phyllis asks if there’s trouble between him and Nikki. HER personal life is just fine. She wastes no time tattling that she saw Nikki in the arms of her ex-husband, Jack. After she leaves, Scott’s chuckle leads Victor to ask if he’s sleeping with Phyllis.

Walking into CL’s, Reed gets a text. Coming in through the patio, Maddie’s also on her phone when she bumps into Reed, literally. They hit it off (despite awkward stammering) Ordering coffee, Reed pulls out one of Maddie’s earbuds to ask if she wants one – sorry, I hate when people do that to me. Reed offers his name as they shake hands.

Back at BnS, Vikki can’t afford to lose any more than their investment in the commercial. Sending Juliet and Cane out, Vikki needs to speak to Billy alone; thanks for hanging out with the kids. Billy brings up Reed catching him kissing Phyllis and expecting to be fired, respectfully tenders his resignation.

In the lab, Juliet and Cane are also assuming that Billy’s being fired. Vikki needs to face this head on, Cane’s not sorry.

Stop, Vikki tells Billy – listen to me, she interrupts to refuse his resignation. The league left the decision up to me. She’ll talk to the rest of the team. No, Billy’s quitting. That ding on your phone is my resignation, he walks out. Cane comes in to tell Vikki that letting Billy go was the right thing to do. We’ll bounce back. Closing the door, he then asks Vikki if Lily can send the commercial to her agent. No, she’ll have to use something else – that clip can’t ever see the light of day.

At home, Lily’s on the phone with Barry – she’ll check the commercial for quality then email it to him asap.

Now at the office, Victor and Scott discuss trust. Does Victor need a list of all the women he’s had drinks with?? No, Victor needs a list of all the concerts performed at the park’s pavilion – have it on my desk by the end of the day. Scott marches out without responding.

On Dr Harris’ doorstep, Nick cautions Chelsea – play this smart, I have your back. Chelsea appreciates that. Time to get some answers, she knocks. Thank God you’re home, she sounds distressed when the doctor answers – we need your help.