Thursday, May 25th

Scott’s asked Victor to meet him at the Chancellor Park Cafe – the acoustics in the pavilion are great; the reception will be right over there; the flowers in full bloom. Victor thinks Nikki will be pleased. Scott suspects that’s what this act of charity is all about; pleasing Nikki. There’s no story to fish for here, Victor assures. Whatever you say, Scott’s not convinced.

At the Louisiana facility, Chelsea again spins her ‘finding my sister’ lie then pulls out a wad of cash. This time it doesn’t go as well. What exactly are you suggesting? the woman is rightfully indignant. She’s suggesting a bribe, Nick appears to say.

Reed runs down the stairs to give his Mom a big welcome home hug. Billy took the kids to school – he spent the night here. Vikki’s glad to hear it, not so glad to hear her son caught Billy and Phyllis making out – right here.

Billy expects Vikki to arrive at BnS with an answer any minute. That’s what a nervous Juliet’s afraid of.

In a hurry to get to work, Cane tells Lily that Vikki’s summoned them all to the office for the hockey league’s answer. After he leaves, Maddie comes down to ask if the flashdrive is what they shot in LA. Yes, want to watch it with me? Lily asks. Yes! Maddie takes a seat.

Vikki didn’t tell Reed that Billy was seeing Phyllis because she feels he needs a male role model (with JT in Europe) I’m fine, she assures. Reed updates that he’s single too – he caught Zoey with some tool from Walnut Grove. Hey, your Dad went to that school. It’s not the school’s fault, it might be the parents.

OK, maybe Lily IS nervous about watching her commercial. Maddie’s alarm on her phone goes off – she needs to get to school. OK, Lily leaves the flashdrive behind to take Maddie to school.

Pretending to be Chelsea’s husband, Nick scolds her for trying to bribe information about her sister Chloe. Under no circumstances will the administrator divulge anything. After she huffs off, Nick tells Chelsea that he’s in this with her. A woman then appears mopping the floor – I can tell you about Chloe, for the right price.

Cane joins Billy and Juliet. Pessimistic that Vikki was successful, he thinks they should come up with ideas on how to spin canceling the hockey campaign (thanks to Billy) Juliet again referees the boys – Vikki doesn’t need to walk in on a brawl. On cue, Vikki walks in – stop fighting, the verdict is in.