Friday, May 26th

Dr Harris is on the phone with Victor – being ordered to keep him apprised of any new developments. As Chloe emerges, Victor hangs up and asks Scott how long he’s been standing there. Long enough to hear you talking about Chloe.

Chloe cries – there was a man and woman in here. Shhh, Dr Harris calms her down – it’ll be OK. I can’t go to prison, Chloe declines more meds – who were those people? Help me, she weeps – I’ll do anything. Don’t let them get me. Dr Harris reassures – they believed me. They’re gone. He hands Chloe a pad of paper and pencil crayons.

In the car, Chelsea tells Nick that the Dr was hiding something. I should have asked more questions. Nick suggests they try again – it’s not too late. Let’s go back inside, Chelsea agrees.

** No spellcheck etc. It’s the weekend!! **

Cane enters Vikki’s office to hear that she fired Juliet, not Billy. You never had any intention of firing Billy, he realizes.

In the park, Billy tells Phyllis that he needs to go back to BnS to see if he’s fired or not. Phyllis reassures – you’ll go on to bigger and better things.

Phyllis is sure Lauren would hire Billy at Fenmores – Jack? He’ll have to suck it up – we’ll shield you. We can have a private office. Billy’s reminded that he fired Phyllis from Brash n Sassy – but that’s all behind them. Let’s go for dinner, she coaxes. Billy wants to stay on to prove himself at BnS. Phyllis thinks any company would be lucky to have Billy. He feels lucky to have her ~kiss~

A down in the dumps Juliet orders a martini at the GCAC – start a tab, I’ll be here a while.

Vikki explains that Billy’s an asset. Cane sees him as a problem, he always will be. HE should be fired. Vikki agrees that he was idiotic but Juliet didn’t do her job. What’s done is done, don’t fight me on this.

When Lily drops by GC Buzz, Hilary assumes that she’s seen the footage she dropped of. Nope, Lily’s ‘bummed’ about her commercial being scrapped (to save the hockey deal) The footage? Cane destroyed the flashdrive. Care to fill me in? Lily wonders what Hilary thought she’d be mad about.

In Victor’s office, Scott learns that Victor’s still searching for Chloe – my family wants closure. He thinks she had help – any leads? Victor claims there was a sighting in Mexico and is sure Chelsea won’t have any better luck than he did.

Chloe sketches on the pad as the doorbell rings. Those people are back, hide, Dr Harris hustles her out to answer the door and tell Chelsea and Nick that he’s very busy (but is persuaded to let them in.