Wednesday, May 24th

Cane rushes into BnS after getting a text from Juliet. No, Vikki hasn’t called but this is an emergency, she says – Hilary knows about our one night stand.

At GC Buzz, Hilary replays the video of Juliet – it wasn’t an affair; she and Cane had a one night stand. Mariah arrives with Devon – is that tomorrow’s big story?

No, Phyllis didn’t leave Jabot with Billy; he’s taking care of the kids while Vikki’s in Toronto. She warns Jack not to celebrate Billy’s demise just yet.

Reed comes home to learn that Billy’s spending the night – things good between you and Mom? Told it’s ‘complicated? Reed assumes they hooked up in LA and are back together. Finally, he’s pleased.

Meeting Tessa at the club, Nikki’s thrilled that she’s finished her to do list (making a mixed tape for the charity event) Told not to hold back, Tessa knows Nikki’s not as ‘fine’ as she pretends to be.

In Jack’s office, Phyllis knows Billy was only joking about betting on hockey – don’t kick him when he’s down. Jack can’t help himself – Phyllis should kick Billy to the curb like Vikki did. Good night, he leaves.

Billy updates Reed that Vikki’s taking care of something in Toronto – they’re not back together. Now, what’s wrong? It must be about a girl. Yup – Reed caught Zoey kissing a cocky jock who’s ‘scum’.

Charlie comes home to butt heads with Maddie and his Mom. Dad had a bad day so dial it down, Lily instructs (even though Cane’s not home)

Closing the office door, Cane blasts Juliet for giving Hilary ammo. She heard us talking, Juliet relays her chat with Hilary – I shut her threats down. Hilary’s a gossip and known liar. No one would believe her over two executives.

After Mariah goes to get a copy of Lily’s interview, Devon congratulates Hilary on her interview with Julie Chen. She congratulates him on buying Dina’s company and almost gives her ‘sidekick’ credit for a good interview. Mariah returns to say they’re taking Lily’s interview over. Hilary’s going that way – she’ll drop the flashdrive off. Now alone, she has two flashdrives (and clearly will be taking the one with Juliet’s confession)

At Underground, Devon leaves Mariah to chat with Noah while he takes a business call from Dina. Noah’s worried about Tessa (who Mariah thinks is really cool) He fears she’ll leave town.

Back at the club, Tessa knows it’s none of her business… Nikki’s OK, just worried about her performance. Tessa talks about composing music and a depressing mixed tape Nikki had her put together. When Jack comes along, he’s pleased to meet Tessa (who leaves for Underground) Informed that Victor’s not joining Nikki, a happy Jack takes the seat Tessa just vacated.