Thursday, June 1st

Finding Nick grunting as he punches the bag in the stable (just like Victor did yesterday) Nikki wants to know why her son lied to her.

At BnS, Vikki’s updated Billy on Chloe committing suicide. She never got over losing Delia but what about Bella? he frets. Chloe was sick, she shouldn’t have been released, Vikki points out.

Victor’s pleasantly surprised to find Abby in his office. First, she appreciates her Dad’s love and support; you believed in me when no one else did. She hopes what she’s about to say doesn’t change that. Abby looks alarmed when Victor guesses this has to do with the secret she’s keeping from him.

At Jabot, Jack disapproves of promotional ideas Lauren’s already signed off on (re Fenmores). Phyllis knows where Jack’s arrogance comes from – his Mother.

At the club, Graham’s on the phone arranging his and Dina’s return to Paris when Ashley comes along to bluntly ask – who are you? What relationship do you have with my Mother?

At the station, a shell-shocked Kevin updates Paul on Chloe’s suicide. Chelsea and Nick found her at her doctor’s house. It’s their fault. Paul encourages Kevin to take a step back – don’t jump to conclusions; don’t let this consume you. Kevin has no idea what to say to Bella.

Back at BnS, Vikki blames Chloe’s doctor. Billy came ‘this close’ to killing Adam himself. But you weren’t consumed with revenge – you asked the jury to forgive Adam. Both are sorry Delia’s death cost them their marriage. Billy takes full responsibility; I pushed you away.

Still in the stables, Nick explains to his Mom that he had to support Chelsea. Yes, he did risk his family for a ‘budding romance’. He wants a relationship built on trust – I don’t want to be like you and Dad.

Arriving at CL’s, Scott finds Sharon distracted by divorce papers – she’s officially a single woman. Why did your marriage end? he wonders. Sharon made a sacrifice in letting Dylan go – we couldn’t go on the way things were. Scott praises her selfless gesture. Removing her ring, Sharon now feels in control of her own destiny. Scott does too. Oh yeah? Then why are you still working for Victor? she challenges.

Yes, Victor does think Abby’s been keeping a secret from him and is glad she’s finally coming clean. Abby admits to using NE funds to launch the incubator project he rejected. Changing her mind, she sold the warehouse and returned the funds. Should I clean out my desk?