Monday, June 19th

At the park cafe with Vikki, Billy’s worried his statement (and dislike for Cane) might affect the case. Vikki tells him not to worry. Juliet’s case hinges on a lie. Soon, we’ll be able to move on. Billy warns her not to be so sure.

Mike at Cane’s to coach him on what he’ll be asked during the deposition – did your fingers brush Juliet’s as you handed her the menu? etc. Cane flashes back to being with Juliet and surprises Mike by saying that Lily won’t be coming.

In the club’s dining room, Graham wonders what he’s done to offend Dina. She’s annoyed that he was getting cozy with Ashley. Your children don’t understand our relationship. Apparently, Dina doesn’t either – what’s in it for you?

In Jack’s office, Ashley scolds him for pimping out his sister – she will not hit on Graham to make Dina jealous. Jack’s determined to get rid of Graham. Sometimes people don’t know what’s best for them until you make them realize it.

Abby finds Victor on the phone raising donations. Scott enters the office with a poster for Nikki’s concert. Looks good, Victor thanks him.

Nikki’s at home again frustrated that she can’t find the right notes.

Unable to play the piece, Nikki’s head is filled with booing and Victor’s voice saying that she’s nothing without him. As she picks up a decanter of alcohol, Sharon appears – she gently says that she noticed that and Nikki’s hands trembling.

Abby’s not happy that Victor would rather talk about Nikki’s concert that business. And neither are happy with the order to raise donations from a list Victor’s emailed.

Mike needs the BnS team to present a united front. Joining him and Cane, Lily agrees that she should be there. I want to see her face when you’re vindicated.

Billy worries that Cane’s hiding something. Vikki agrees he’s made mistakes but he’s never looked at another woman. He was Juliet’s supporter – it’s appalling. Yes, Vikki feels she was wronged too (and plans to teach Juliet a lesson – I want her to be humiliated)

Now in her suite, Dina tells her most trusted friend that he’s the only person she can count on (unlike her children – who still want to wallow in the pain she caused) Can I count on you?) Yes, Graham assures with a smile – he’s content and feels needed. Dina didn’t like seeing him with the beautiful, younger Ashley. Graham has no interest in anyone except Dina (whose hand he kisses)