Tuesday, June 20th

No, Leslie has no further questions for Vikki and leaves Juliet to look awkwardly at Team BnS for a moment before following her out. Vikki reiterates to Billy that they’ll win – we have the truth on our side.

At the office, Abby admires the poster of Nikki – she can tell Victor loves her by the way he’s looking at it. Nikki hasn’t seen it yet, he informs. Abby hasn’t seen her in a while – is she OK? Yes, why wouldn’t she be?

Finding Nikki on the ground in distress, Tessa rushes to her side – I’ll call 911. No, Nikki protests weakly.

Scott joins his Mom at the club – sorry he’s late. He’s in charge of Hashtag now and looking forward to exposing fake news and being the voice or reason. He’ll be staying in GC in a danger-free job (unless seeing Sharon counts)

Sharon chats Zack up at CL’s – how’s the dating app coming along? How do you like GC? Abby can show you around and I think you know my son’s friend, Tessa. How come you’re so interested? Zack’s suspicious.

Send it to me right away, Leslie instructs and hangs up the phone. Now all back in Mike’s office she stuns all by asking to speak to Lily next. Do I have to? Lily bleats. Yes – but Mike wants it noted that he wasn’t informed.

Nikki thanks her doctor profusely for making a house call. Caught off-guard by the flare-up, she admits she’s been under stress. The doctor recommends she relieve the cause of that stress.

Abby boasts to Victor that she sold more tickets than Scott and updates that incubator project and warehouse are officially part of Newman. She had to pay a bit more for the warehouse and is looking for more startups. Victor insists she ask Scott for input.

Scott cuts Lauren off – the Sharon you know doesn’t exist anymore. The Sharon I know is studying psychology; she’s kind and makes me happy. If you can’t deal with that, you’ll be seeing a lot less of me. OK, Lauren would like to see this transformation for herself ad promises not to interfere.

Tessa and I weren’t close friends, Zack tells Sharon – and then explains how his dating app is different. A concierge service arranges a date uniquely suited for the user. No offense but Sharon won’t be needing a dating site anytime soon – she has a keeper.