Thursday, June 22nd

Sharon comes downstairs in Scott’s shirt for a kiss – how’s the new digital media company coming along? He feels lucky and not just about the job ~kiss~

Graham enters Dina’s suite in his work out muscle shirt. Yes, she spoke with her charming lawyer – he’s emailing the documents pertaining to the sale of Mergeron. And the other matter? You mean my will? Dina asks.

Jack’s leaving a message for Nikki (call me – I’m worried about you) when Ashley walks into the office to remind that she has a husband.

Nikki’s clad in a robe at the club’s spa – yes, the massage helped – and now she’s taking a sauna. Enjoy, the staffer leaves Nikki to wring her aching hands.

Mom? Nick calls out. He’s looking at the benefit poster when Victor walks into the living room – you can’t avoid me forever son.

Still hanging on to Sharon, Scott bends over to check his email. He needs to speak to Victor (who’s working from home today) If Scott walks over, Victor may figure out that he spent the night at Sharon’s. Why do you live here anyway? Sharon explains that it’s good for Faith. Yes, Scott does hope to spend a lot of time at here.

Ashley wonders why Jack’s so concerned about his ex. He’s looking out for Nikki because Victor doesn’t give a damn – this concert isn’t about love, it’s a show Nikki couldn’t say no to. Jack relays how Victor sprung the benefit on her in front of the Dean. She’s on the brink (of drinking)

Nick gripes about the secret he and Vikki must keep for Victor – who’s responsible for Adam and now Chloe’s death. Victor wants to end the hostility for Nikki’s sake. No, she hasn’t taken him back.

Alone in the sauna, Nikki replays Victor’s words in her head – you’re nothing without me.

Victor claims he’s gone to the ends of the earth for his family – the least Nick can do is help heal the family. No, he didn’t force Nikki into performing – when she’s applauded at the benefit, she’ll realize that Victor is the only one who can give her what she needs. Nick’s sure Victor will betray his Mother again.

What a nice surprise, Gloria joins Nikki in the sauna. She heard about the concert – Jack’s quite your cheerleader. We’re good friends – without benefits, Nikki adds that Jack can be his own worst enemy. Gloria confides that he asked her to seduce his Mother’s companion. Nikki apologizes for laughing. She knows Jack’s still confused about his Mother. Some damage can never be undone.