Wednesday, June 21st

At the park cafe, Nick finds Phyllis busy on her phone – waiting for an update from Billy regarding the lawsuit. No, Billy’s not the one accused of sexual harassment, it’s Cane, she huffily corrects Nick’s assumption.

Did Ms Helton spend the night in your room, yes or no? Leslie persists. I guess she did, Cane admits then runs out after Lily. Agreeing to a break, Leslie adds that they might be open to a settlement. In the hallway, Cane apologizes. Don’t even! Lily wants to know exactly what happened in that hotel room that night!

When Jordan drops by the penthouse, busy designer Chelsea knows he’s not just there to say he’s sorry she lost her partner Chloe.

Jack’s summoned Dina to Jabot for yet more nagging about Graham. He’s part of my family, Dina claims. You can lean on us now, Jack won’t let it go.

Now seated, Nick can’t see Cane cheating on Lily. He wouldn’t be the first married man to screw up; Phyllis reminds that he cheated and gripes that Billy’s under a lot of stress helping Vikki. Nick won’t give Billy points for being a Dad. Phyllis denies she’s insecure, she’s annoyed. Nick can see that Billy’s bouncing back and forth the way he did. Phyllis tells him to worry about his own relationship.

Omitting names, Jordan tells Chelsea that a woman’s suing someone at BnS for sexual harassment. Hilary encouraged her – what’s your take on her? Chelsea thinks she’s high drama – she puts her show first. Jordan doesn’t like that Hilary has it in for Lily. Chelsea questions Jordan being so concerned about her – are you sure Lily’s just a friend???

Lily SAW the footage – did you invite her into your room? Talk her into sleeping with you!? I want to know exactly what happened in your hotel room! We passed out, Cane relays waking up in the morning. I didn’t even know she stayed over until later. You would never have told me if not for that footage, Lily marches into the elevator. Cane’s left frustrated.

Leslie’s sure Mike has a lot to discuss with his clients – keep me posted. OMG! Vikki barks at Mike, then Billy – don’t go anywhere (she stops him from leaving) We have to figure out what our next move will be.

Leslie didn’t tell Juliet about the footage because she wasn’t sure it would come. Cane’s credibility is shot. Will they settle? Juliet wonders. If they’re smart but Leslie’s not sure. Mike will recommend Vikki settles – BnS can’t afford another scandal.

Billy’s furious that Cane’s been proven a lying sleazeball. That doesn’t prove he sexually harassed Juliet, Vikki counters. Settle, Billy insists – we don’t know what the next bombshell will be. Silent, Mike looks ill.

You didn’t say anything on the ride home, Cane asks Lily. You deceived me – and Vikki – lying since you came back from Japan. Cane was embarrassed that he got so drunk and was hoping Juliet would forget it too. She was convincing, Lily now wonders if her story is true. Cane wouldn’t throw his life with Lily and the kids away for a stranger.