Friday, June 23rd

Nick whines about playing happy family for the sake of the charity benefit but insists he removed Faith from the ranch solely because it was time she lived with her parents again. In that case, I guess we’re done here, Sharon walks away to open her front door (she knows he’s lying)

At home, Chelsea leaves Nick a stammering message – she’s going to do something he won’t like so wants to run it by him before she pulls the trigger.

Nikki didn’t tell you she was meeting me? You should check in with her, Jack crows – he won’t stay away from Victor’s wife – she needs a friend right now. She’s using you, Victor claims.

Both Devon and Tessa are excited to be meeting at the club – he’s brought a recording contract for her to sign. Mariah runs in to grab the pen from Tessa’s hand – are you sure you want to sign your life away to this guy?

At home, Lily’s definitely not over Juliet spending the night in Cane’s room. What else are you hiding from me? She lied – I didn’t offer Juliet a job for sex, Cane asks Lily to believe him.

Cane’s hates what he’s done to Lily; his family. He’ll give her the space she needs – I love you – the last thing he wants to do is hurt of disappoint Lily. She’s stiff as he kisses her check and goes for his run.

No, Tessa hasn’t read the contract. Big mistake – check the fine print, Mariah jokes. Devon explains what Tessa’s signing. She’ll be part of a stable of artists and assigned to a producer – then a demo – exclusively available on their streaming service and then a tour. When Tessa says she’ll give Nikki her notice, Mariah doesn’t think it a good idea.

Since Nick won’t be honest with her, Sharon won’t waste any more time trying to help him. OK – Nick admits that Dad’s in the doghouse. For what? Swearing her to secrecy, Nick confides that Victor helped Adam break out of prison. We’re tired of covering for him. It hasn’t been easy keeping up this charade. Don’t tell anyone, Nick repeats.

In the sauna, Gloria shares that she knows a bit about Graham’s troubles with Dina’s kids. She only works for Jack – he wants her of course but Gloria insists they keep things professional. Her title? Director of Executive Affairs. Graham bets – how much is Jack paying you to work me for information?

At the park still, Victor’s sure that Nikki’s just using Jack for a shoulder to lean on. She’s under pressure due to the concert, Jack thinks Victor’s in denial if he can’t see that. She’s strong and eager to perform, Victor claims. You couldn’t be more wrong, Jack corrects.

Tessa’s nervous about her first time in a recording studio. Devon’s giving her an advance but ‘don’t quit your day job’. Tessa trusts Mariah and therefore Devon – so signs the contract. Mariah claps her hands and suggests a bottle of champagne. Getting a text from Lily, Devon leaves the ladies to celebrate.

Gloria has secrets to tell about Jabot. But Graham can’t blab – he signed a non-disclosure agreement. Gloria asks what position he holds. Executive VP of Corporate Strategy – until Dina sold the company. Home is wherever she is. Gloria admires his loyalty and is surprised to hear that Graham was raised in the Midwest. Being from a broken family, he’s sorry Dina’s kids don’t trust him.

Jack implores Victor to cancel this concert – it’s the most supportive thing you could do for Nikki.