Wednesday, June 28th

Devon doesn’t believe that Cane sexually harassed Juliet but he also finds it hard to believe that he didn’t sleep with her (since she spent the night in his room) Jill can’t believe Cane would risk losing the family he loves and is thrilled that Devon’s rid of Hilary. Not getting much information on his new love interest, Mariah, Jill then asks about the company he and Neil bought. Mergeron? As in Dina Mergeron? Hello Jill, Dina appears on cue to grin.

Ashley doesn’t think there’s anything they can do about Dina’s ‘deal’ with Graham. She doesn’t take flak from anyone. Neither do I (Jack clearly has no intention of letting it go)

Jill stands to greet Dina – did you fly here first class or broom? Private jet, Dina corrects – then gushes about Devon and Neil. Her visit is open ended (which doesn’t please Jill) Devon didn’t know the two ladies knew one another. I was John Abbott’s first wife, Dina claims -his one true love. I thought that was golf, Jill quips. And when Devon excuses himself to take a call, Dina and Jill go at it some more.

Juliet was surprised to learn she was pregnant. Hilary’s surprised to hear she fainted in front of Lily – and Jordan. I shoved the results in Lily face (but didn’t mean to hurt or humiliate her) Hilary thinks Juliet should feel vindicated – you won. Call Leslie. Juliet just wants to go rest (so heads upstairs)

At home, Lily unburdens herself to her supportive Dad. Cane called me from the same bed he had sex with Juliet in, she weeps in Neil’s arms.

When Cane turns up in Vikki’s office, she blathers on about work and again vows not to settle the lawsuit. What I have to say may change that, Cane sighs.

Now seated, Dina tells Jill about the family dinner it was magnificent. When Graham comes over, both he and Jill pour on the fake charm. John certainly had good taste in wives (including Gloria) he smiles. Dina didn’t even show up for John’s funeral, Jill remarks – and is reminded about her cheating.