Tuesday, June 27th

At BnS, Billy suggests Vikki sue Cane if they lose this case. I didn’t pressure anyone into having sex for a job, Cane argues. You don’t deny having sex with her, Billy notes. After Cane storms past her like, well, a hurricane Phyllis comments to herself ‘hello to you too’.

Lily paces at GCM as she waits with Jordan – she wants Juliet to be OK and feels bad about yelling at her. Does she have any family we should call? Jordan asks. Cane’s the only person that would know, Lily replies.

Jill arrives at the club on Jack’s arm. He liked seeing photos of her travels online. Regarding her health, Jill’s in town to see her cardiologist for a progress report – then it’s back to travelling/checking off her bucket list with Collin. Jack knows Jill was hoping he’d reconcile with Phyllis (to keep her away from Billy)

In the lab, Billy’s sorry to hear all about Phyllis’ run-in with Jill. When she suggests a getaway to a bed and breakfast, Billy thinks it sounds great but it’s not the right time. Phyllis follows Billy’s eyes – he’s looking at Vikki in her office.

Working on a dress at home, Chelsea gets a call from a courier service – she needs a dress box personally delivered to Lauren Fenmore.

At the bar, Jack thinks it time Jill let it (Billy and Vikki) go. Maybe Phyllis and Billy deserve each other. He’s silently interested when Jill let’s it slip about Juliet’s lawsuit against Brash n Sassy. She’s really out for blood.

Back at BnS, Billy confides that he’s worried that Vikki’s setting herself up for a fall – this could bankrupt the company. It’d be responsible to go away. Billy must convince Vikki of how serious this is. After Phyllis wishes him luck with that, Billy’s disappointed to hear that Vikki’s been talking strategy with Mike) He’d hoped she’d finally come to her senses.

Call the office, Jordan thinks HR would have Juliet’s next of kin listed. Lily still thinks Cane should know that Juliet’s in the hospital. Coming home to an empty house, Cane gets a call. Informed that Lily’s at the hospital; why and with whom, he’s on his way.

Phyllis stops by Gloria’s desk to ask for some help – Chelsea stopped by to propose an exclusive line for Fenmore’s. Jack wasn’t impressed but SHE was. Can Gloria get Jack to support this great idea? Gloria literally ‘shoos’ Phyllis away so she can finish her report.

Agreeing that things like this lawsuit wouldn’t have happened if she still owned BnS, Jill leaves a curious Jack at the bar to do some research on his phone.

Billy pressures Vikki to settle with Juliet. Vikki refuses – she has deep pockets and can outlast Juliet.

When Cane joins Lily and Jordan at GCM, he hears that they were talking to Juliet when she collapsed. Cane thanks Jordan but clearly isn’t sad to see him leave. Lily gives Cane more of the story – wishing she’d walked away instead of arguing with Juliet. When Jill arrives, Cane wonders how she heard about this. About what? Jill’s here to see her doctor. But now that she’s here – what was Cane thinking!?? He did nothing wrong, Lily defends her husband.

Jack stops by BnS. Making sure Billy’s not around, he sympathises with Vikki – and yes, knows about the sexual harassment suit. Dammit, Vikki was indeed trying to keep it under wraps. Jack won’t take advantage but can’t help but deliver a veiled ‘I told you so’. The lawsuit isn’t against Billy, Vikki clarifies. Billy appears to deflate Jack’s bubble – the lawsuit is against Cane, not me.