Thursday, June 29th

Mike rants and raves at Vikki – why has she suddenly decided to settle? Vikki’s painted into a corner because Cane lied about having sex. He fessed up because he was backed into a corner too – Juliet’s pregnant. Wow, his poor family, Mike responds.

Reed pesters Mattie as she’s trying to study at CL’s – she’s busy with summer school, far too busy to go to the movies.

As Cane comes home to mope over framed family photos, Lily appears to lock eyes with him.

You’re leaving everything to HIM?! Jack rants – Graham must be dry good at whatever it is he does. After Dina allows Graham to leave she insists that her will reflects her final wishes – respect them, she warns.

Victor leaves a ‘call me’ message for Nikki then is joined by Tessa (as summoned) at his table at the club. Does she know about Nikki’s note? Will she be ready to perform? Did she ask you to keep something from me?

At the club’s bar, Hilary goes on about Juliet’s pregnancy proving her case. After Juliet leaves, Devon marches over to ask how the hell that happened. The usual way, Hilary deadpans. Devon immediately frets about Lily and reluctantly obeys Hilary’s order to come to her suite (to talk in private)

Jack calms down but thinks this ‘beyond the pale’. Even calmer, Ashley denies they’re jealous – she and Jack care and want Dina to make the right choices. Dina defends her decision – she and Graham don’t just have a ‘deal’; this is a lifetime job. YOUR lifetime, Ashley gently points out that Graham hopes it’s a short one.

Delighted to find Graham waiting outside Jack’s office, Gloria giggles like a schoolgirl and agrees that she too would ‘rather be out here’.

Back at CL’s, Reed chats with Mattie and makes a joke about her idiot brother. You can’t work all summer, he again asks her out to the movies and rejected, jots down some ideas for songs (all about Mattie working too hard) Mattie’s not used to guys asking her out. Along comes Charlie and his attitude.

Cane’s not convinced the baby’s his and Vikki’s not happy that SHE must pay the price but will settle if Juliet signs a non-disclosure. Vowing to keep her payout as low as possible, Mike praises his client with being so calm. Inside I’m raging, Vikki admits.

Cane updates Lily that Vikki’s settling the case. Yes, he knows he gave her no choice. Dad was here, Lily indicates that she did indeed tell him everything. Cane needs to know if he still has a marriage.