Wednesday, June 28th

Vikki’s in her office apologising for a shipment that didn’t arrive because she didn’t approve it (looks like she has too much on the go)

You’re pregnant? Lily and Cane are astonished. Yup, 13 weeks – that coincides with the night Juliet had sex with Cane in Tokyo.

In the club’s dining room, Graham chides Dina for stalling on something she agrees her kids need to be told. No, she’s not looking forward to it – but no, she hasn’t changed her mind. She hopes this will put an end to Jack and Ashley’s suspicions once and for all.

At Jabot, Ashley wants to update Jack on the app. He has news to share first – Juliet Helton’s suing Brash n Sassy. Oh no, what has Billy done now? Ashley jumps to the same conclusion Jack did.

Phyllis and Billy are busy making out all over their condo.

Done messing up the apartment and their whipped cream can empty, Phyllis calls to order some food. That’s not the kind of ‘starving’, Billy is – he takes Phyllis’ phone and kisses her.

Ashley can’t believe Cane’s been accused of sexual harassment. Vikki fighting it all the way could hurt BnS. Jack’s thinking of hiring Juliet – we can use her to take out the competition. Ashley bets Vikki had her sign a non-compete. Jack’s now back on whatever agreement Dina has with Graham.

Dina needs more time before talking to her kids. Devon stops by to say hello before his meeting. No, he hasn’t talked to Neil about finding Graham a role yet. Alone again, Dina reassures Graham that he’ll always have a place at her side. She’s reminded of Kay’s wicked sense of humour when seeing Jill take a seat with Devon to say that she’s happy he’s pursuing his passion for music – Kay would be proud. What Jill really wants is Devon’s take on Juliet’s lawsuit.

Back at GCM, Juliet is subdued when saying that everyone will soon know the truth (and who’s lying) Thanking Lily for her concern after she fainted, Juliet will leave now – knowing the Ashby’s have a lot to talk about.

In tears, Lily’s devastated that Cane lied about everything. I didn’t sexually harass Juliet, he offers weakly. Lily needs to know everything that happened – don’t lie to me. I need to hear you say it. We had sex, Cane admits but that doesn’t mean the baby’s mine. Almost hyperventilating, Lily gets on the elevator – alone.

Hilary accosts Juliet at the club – why haven’t you returned my calls? Now’s not a good time – Juliet doubts the case will go to trial. Given the evidence, Cane won’t be able to deny we had sex. Hilary stunned silent when handed the paper showing that Juliet’s pregnant.