Friday, June 30th

The rooftops’ 4th of July party is proudly sponsored by HWG; the Hamilton Winters Group. Attendees barely attired in red, white and blue. This seat taken? Jordan ogles Hilary as she lounges in a bikini. After the way you’ve been treating me, you might not want to get too close, she tips her sunglasses to say.

Downstairs, Neil and Devon talk business – then it’s time to relax and enjoy themselves. Devon’s surprised that Neil already knows Juliet’s pregnant. Neil has a hard time believing that Hilary won’t blow this wide open.

Nick drops by CL’s. Hearing that Sharon and Scott are going to the big bash later, Nick’s still having a hard time accepting them together. It seems a bit fast.

Paul’s summoned Scott to the patio to ask if he’s heard from Kevin. He’s been gone too long – Paul feels something isn’t right.

Working on the lock, Kevin doesn’t think it right that Dr Harris locked them in to go do groceries. You accepted his terms, Chloe reminds. This can’t be permanent, we have to get the hell out of here, now, Kevin insists.

Sharon’s asked herself if this is too fast – a rebound. The divorce is final and she wasn’t looking for a relationship. It feels good being with Scott (who hasn’t met Faith yet) Nick glad Sharon’s putting their daughter first but a bit leery about Scott being Victor’s BFF.

Seated on the patio, Paul tells Scott about his son; damaged and dangerous. I’m the one person who should have been able to save him. This loss could derail Kevin. That won’t happen, we’ll support him, Scott’s sure Kevin will hold it together for Bella’s sake. Try not to worry.

Back at Dr Harris’ house, Kevin can see that Chloe’s better – we can’t have a normal life locked up here. No one’s looking for you – we had a funeral. Let’s go far away. Chloe’s OK being locked up here if it keeps her out of prison. When Dr Harris comes home, he plans to tell Dr Harris that he’s going to get Bella (but not that they’re leaving to start the life they’ve always dreamed of) ~hug~

Hilary doesn’t appreciate Jordan accusing her of going after Lily and Cane after she backed off. The Ashby’s problems have nothing to do with me. Jordan was warned about Hilary’s vindictive side but admired her unpredictability. Lily brings out the worst in me, a frustrated Hilary clip clops off in need of a drink.