Monday, July 3rd

The HWG hosted party on the rooftop is well under way when Noah interrupts his Mom kissing Scott. Neil introduces his son and thanks all for coming to their first annual Independence Day bash. Tonight’s music is courtesy of Mergeron Streaming. To Independence and freedom! all toast.

Sure Kevin won’t make it to the airport, Chloe’s alarmed when he calls her Maggie. It was a slip of the tongue, he claims. He didn’t do anything to Kevin but there’s a problem with his car.

What the hell>? Kevin pulls over to the side of the road.

Abby interrupts Devon kissing Mariah – when did this happen? Why didn’t I hear about it on social media? Mariah leaves Abby to credit Devon with his role in keeping her grandmother in town. Honestly, Abby can’t see him and Mariah together.

When Chelsea pops by for a chat, Hilary bets there’s a juicy story behind how she and Jordan met. After Chelsea escapes, Jordan assures Hilary that they’re just friends from back in the day. She was a con artist? Jordan pretends to be surprised.

After a swim, Sharon tries to convince Scott that Nick doesn’t have a problem with him.

No! Chloe doesn’t need meds – she needs to know that Kevin’s OK. He left his phone – there’s nothing to worry about. Dr Harris says – It’s just you and me. Open it Meggie, he brings out a box.

Abby has no problem with Mariah but doesn’t see how Devon can suddenly see his friend as ‘the one’. Abby then encounters Scott – looking at her ensemble, he’s not sure whether to recite the Star Spangled Banner. Enjoy.

Tessa updates Mariah that Noah wants to take things slow – maybe he’s not into me. He falls easy and hard, Mariah thinks Noah really cares. OK with Mariah talking to him, Tessa feels out of place. Mariah’s only other friend is out of town putting the pieces of his life back together.

Pulled over to the side of the dark road, Kevin gets working on his flat tire.