Tuesday, July 4th

Bright and early at BnS, Vikki announces that she’s settling the lawsuit. Billy wonders what changed her mind.

At home, Lily and Cane discuss Charlie breaking yet another phone. Lily wants to teach her son about repercussions. But since Juliet’s pregnant we can’t afford more problems.

Awakening in bed with Hilary, Jordan wants to capture the moment on film. You want to reform me? she teases – show me how ~kiss~

Believing Kevin to be dead, Chloe’s shell-shocked. When Dr Harris serves celebratory Mimosa’s, she murmurs – I can’t believe this is happening.

You’ve always been proud of me, Dad – Chloe forces a smile and asks to see the photo album. Youth soccer – the coach was so nice. You hated him, Dr Harris reminds ‘Maggie’. Chloe misses her Mom so much. Dr Harris does too – he never would have done these things if she was here. Chloe wants to go to the cemetery – it’s been so long. Please Dad.

Back at BnS, Billy’s stunned to hear that Juliet’s pregnant – Cane screwed this whole company over. When Mike arrives with a figure Leslie agreed to, Vikki reluctantly signs it.

Cane wants to go talk to Juliet – we must know if the twins are going to have a sibling. Lily wishes he’d been honest. Cane now needs to see Vikki to go over his options. The twins interrupt bickering, Mattie hoping her Dad can get her an internship at BnS this summer.

Mattie needs Business and science experience. OK, Cane will see what he can do. After the kids leave, Cane must to ask Juliet if this baby’s his. He’ll get a court order if need be. Lily’s left to ponder making a call.