Wednesday, July 5th

On the CL’s patio, Paul’s got his panties in a bunch because Kevin hasn’t contacted anyone. Clearly thinking Paul a worry-wart, Mike’s all but forced to call the Tahiti resort. What?! He didn’t check in!? Mike’s concerned now too.

We’re not being followed, and Kevin’s sure Dr Harris hasn’t untied himself yet. Yeah, but when he does, he’s going to know we’re off to GC for Bella – and call his accomplice, Chloe worries.

Jordan’s at Lily’s – how will she tell the twins that another woman might have Dad’s baby? They know about the sexual harassment case. Now they’ll found out the truth – and that Dad’s lied to us for months. Jordan can’t believe Cane would risk his perfect wife. Lily can’t believe Cane got drunk and had unprotected sex with a stranger – and didn’t remember it. What example does that set?

Mattie would love to swim circles around Reed but she has reading to do. Be here when I get back, Reed runs off to the pool (as Charlie the lifeguard watches)

Juliet flashes back to announcing her pregnancy to the Ashby’s when Hilary drops by her suite – to make it clear that Cane won’t be involved in raising the baby. I know these people, you won’t get anything more than child support. Juliet isn’t after money – she doesn’t want her child deprived of it’s Father.

Cane begs for another chance (at BnS) Why is it Vikki can trust and forgive Billy? Refusing to back down, Vikki orders Cane to go home – make fixing your family your full-time job.

Still on the patio, Kevin didn’t show or call to cancel his reservation. But Mike’s not worried about his spontaneous brother. Paul is, and the only person good enough to find Kevin is Kevin.

Kevin reminds Chloe that she can’t be seen – everyone thinks you’re dead. Kevin will use what he knows about the witness protection program to start new lives. Safety and happiness is the end game. Right now, we gotta eat, he exits the card.

A child can turn out just fine without a Father, Hilary sees herself as an example. But Juliet had a wonderful Father and knows Cane to be an amazing, loving parent – a true family man. Hilary has to wonder if Juliet has feelings for Cane.

With a hug, Lily thanks Jordan for dropping everything to listen to her whine. Call me anytime you need to vent or do a photoshoot, he smiles. Lily’s not sure there will be one. Vikki might not want anyone named Ashby on the payroll. Jordan won’t let Lily blame herself. And it wasn’t her modelling that drove Cane to cheat. This is all on HIM.