Monday, July 10th

At the tackhouse, Chelsea’s jamming Nikki’s gown into a garment bag as Nick declares it insane for her to perform with her MS flaring up. We both know she’s not OK – Dad’s pulling her strings and Nick WILL protect his Mom.

Jack drops by the ranch to scold Nikki for being out of touch – Victor even asked him where she was. He always knew you’d come back to him – because you always did.

Hilary’s surprised to have been summoned to Victor’s office. He’s been watching her show and thinks she’s come a long way. As such, he has an interesting story her audience might like to see.

Lily comes home to hear that the twins went out to eat. We have to watch what we spend, she comments – then hears that Cane told the twins that he’s been fired. I still have a job, that’s something, Lily detects by Cane’s sigh that he does indeed ‘have a problem with that’.

At Brash n Sassy, Vikki’s not pleased by a dismal sales report – but won’t let Billy blame it all on Cane. Do you blame me for this?? he seems surprised.

Backstage at the pavilion, Abby touches base with the guy in charge of lighting, audio etc. She wants Nikki to look and sound like a billion tomorrow.

Victor wants Hilary to cover the benefit. She’ll have complete access to the family, backstage, celebrities – but Nikki must be the focus. Praised on her interview with Julie Chen, Hilary knows Vikki’s having a tough time (but handling it well) Newmans bounce back, Victor concludes. Hilary won’t let him down.

Nikki plays a few notes to prove to Jack that she’s feeling just fine. He must attend and write a big fat check. Nikki’s then surprised to hear that Dina’s leaving the bulk of her estate to her boy toy. How is that looking after her future?

Chelsea reminds Nick that it’s not up to him to stop his Mother – it can’t be that taxing to play a few pieces on the piano. Giving him a kiss, Chelsea leaves to go work on Nikki’s dress.