Friday, July 7th

Huh? Going to see Mommy? Chelsea’s puzzled – and after Bella toddles off, asks Kevin why she thinks Chloe’s still alive.

At the tackhouse, Nick ends a call with Faith (who’s told she doesn’t need to come home for grandma’s concert or to play chess with grandpa) Have fun at camp. Love you too – bye.

Meanwhile, at the main house, Nikki covers her pain and tells Victor that she can put the new necklace on herself (then struggles with it while he’s busy pouring himself a drink.

Calling Lily from the club, Neil’s told that Vikki settled the case – but that didn’t make everything go away. She’ll see her Dad after his meeting. Cane comes home to tell Lily that he took Juliet for a DNA test. Now, they must wait (as they did when Chloe claimed Delia was his) Oh, and Vikki just fired me, Cane adds.

At BnS, Billy’s stunned to hear that Vikki fired Cane. You didn’t think I had the nerve to do it? she’s mildly indignant.

Back at the park cafe, Kevin tells Chelsea that going to see Mommy means going to Chloe’s grave. Chelsea gets it – Connor misses Adam. They empathize with one another regarding Chloe. Sorry, Kevin and won’t be available for ‘playdates’ – he’s moving to Oregon. Chelsea hopes he finds happiness there.

Now wearing the necklace, Nikki likes it – and Chelsea original gown but it’s too much – and changes nothing between them. Victor wants to support Nikki, not cause her stress. She’s performing only to raise money for MS. Will you do one thing for me? Victor asks.

It’s no surprise that Billy fully supports Vikki firing Cane and since they’re two employees down he has no problem working extra hours (including weekends)

If only Vikki had fired Billy, Cane agonizes with his face in his hands. Stop blaming everyone else – YOU slept with Juliet – YOU lied about it, Lily points out. Agreeing, Cane lists all he’s ashamed of (mostly, hurting his family)

Chelsea’s at the tackhouse to update Nick that Kevin’s moving to Oregon – today. The park’s pavilion is busy preparing for the concert. Nick confides that Nikki’s MS has flared up. She’s in a lot of pain. Chelsea doesn’t understand why neither he or Nikki have told Victor.

Ester’s summoned Gloria to the estate to blather on about Kevin moving to Oregon. Gloria’s annoyed that Kevin didn’t even tell her he was back. Yes, she’ll talk some sense into him. In fact, she’s not leaving this sofa until she does so.

Kevin’s next chat in the park is with Paul (who chides him for being incommunicado)

Cane tells Lily that Vikki had Juliet sign a non-disclosure agreement. What he did won’t go public. Unless the baby’s yours, Lily points out – then we’ll have to deal with it for years. How can she ever trust Cane again? When you have the answer to that, let me know, she slams out.