Tuesday, July 11th

In her new gown and baubles, Nikki pauses to wince in pain before putting on a brave face to let Vikki in.

At the tackhouse, Nick’s wowed by Chelsea (who’s very worried about Nikki performing despite being in pain). Yeah, well, that won’t be a problem – Nick took care of it – the concert won’t happen and that’s all Chelsea needs to know.

Backstage, a dressed to impress Abby ends a call re: catered food and champagne. Mr Pittman appears with his clipboard ready to give the final authorization. Lights – check. Soundboard – explodes. Make it stop! Abby yelps through the smoke.

In a hotel suite, play time is over. Off to put Bella to bed, Kevin’s thanked for putting the family back together again. He’d have it no other way. Everything Kevin wants is right here.

On the rooftop deck, Phyllis wants Billy’s full attention – so, gives him a taste of her drink, then her lips.

Lily’s home from dropping the twins off – they’re worried about their Dad, she tells Cane. Juliet shows up needing to see them both; I got the test results.

As Lily hovers, Juliet assures Cane that she’s not lying – the results are very real and he’ll be getting his own copy in the mail very soon. I’m sorry, Cane sighs at Lily.

You CAN fix this right? Abby asks through a cloud of smoke. I hope so, the guy behind the soundboard doesn’t sound very confident.

Back at the tackhouse, Nick tells Chelsea that he only arranged for a simple malfunction on the soundboard. It’ll take a long time to pinpoint the problem – the safety inspector will have to cancel the concert.

It’s just a little smoke, right? Abby giggles nervously. Mr Pittman must shut the event down unless the problem is resolved to his satisfaction.

At the main house, Vikki mentions Nick’s concern that Dad set up this event to get out of the doghouse. They then discuss Vikki’s business woes – Jill’s in town and would love for her to rely on Billy (but Vikki doesn’t need his or anyone’s help) Victor appears to say they both look stunning. The tone friendly, Victor has a surprise. And here she is on cue – Hilary’s going to interview Nikki – to show the world what a person with MS can achieve.

Bella in bed, Chloe worries that Dr Harris will find her and have her locked away. Kevin’s confident that won’t happen – we just need to get to Oregon. Then what? Chloe panics. She feels awful for lying to Kevin this whole time; it’s now what – it’s who. Victor.

As Hilary and her camera guy set up, Nikki hisses at Victor – what the hell is this? YOU’RE the one who made it ‘my cause’. Sit next to Victor? she pales slightly but obeys Hilary’s instruction (which includes phones being turned off)

Abby chases Mr Pittman down – don’t you know who my Father is? People are here for a great cause. Yes, but Mr Pittman won’t risk lives unless the problem is resolved. And good luck with that. Abby’s call to Victor is ignored as their interview begins.