Thursday, July 13th

At the Chancellor Park Pavilion, Tessa receives a round of applause; Reed and Noah beaming from the front seat.

Backstage, Victor assures Nikki that she IS ready – don’t you worry about a damn thing. Thank you, Nikki replies breathlessly and once alone, grimaces in pain as she drops her sheet music.

Instructing Howard on camera angles, Hilary agrees that Victor’s in an odd mood – and what was that mysterious text about?

Backstage, Victor compliments Tessa then asks one of the new crew what happened to the soundboard. Someone spilt a soda on it – accidents happen. Victor’s mulling that over when Abby comes to fetch him to go onstage. As all applaud, he glares down at Nick in the front row.

At CL’s, Cane’s on the phone with Lily. We’re really gonna do this? he confirms. When Charlie arrives, Cane takes him to the patio for a talk (Mattie’s about to get the same talk at home with Lily)

As Victor blathers on with his thank you’s, Tessa finds Nikki in agony. But no, she won’t cancel the performance. Introduced, Nikki makes her way out to kiss Victor then takes a seat at the piano. As all wait, her hands tremble above the keys.

As the audience begins to look concerned, Nikki starts to play – beautifully; her family and friends looking incredibly proud.

At home, Lily sighs as Mattie pressures her for answers – just tell me.

Meanwhile, on the CL’s patio, Cane explains that he was fired because he lied. About what? Charlie asks. It’s complicated, Cane begins – he’s made a mistake and it’s not going away.

Not wanting to hear what she’s already figured out, Mattie tries to escape. Lily needs her to listen.

Juliet’s pregnant, Cane stuns Charlie (who then walks out sulking)